July 14, 2009

Summer Outdoor Weddings #2


Remember the fabulous outdoor wedding for Jentry McKell I talked about last week? Here are some of my favorite photos of this glorious celebration: To add an elegant touch to the dining tables, we pre-set a miniature green martini glass with shrimp, lime, and gazpacho. The entree plate was a light summer presentation of grilled chicken, papaya, and avocado over baby mache greens with toasted hazelnuts. The plate was drizzled with a papaya honey dressing and an edible orchid finished the presentation. Jentry had a lot of nieces and nephews so she wanted to make sure there was something for them. We served a fun kids plate complete with pizza, chicken fingers, watermelon, and carrots with ranch. And, of course, this all flows flawlessly with our expert professional service personnel! More on this wedding to come next week...Much love, Mary Photos By Magnifique Photography

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