September 11, 2013

2013 United Way Day of Caring!


DOC Save the Date-575x396 As some of you may know, we here at Culinary Crafts believe that giving back to the communities that we live in is one of the most important things that you can do.  For example, one of Mary Crafts-Homer's passions is her service on the Women In Philanthropy board, who's main goal is to be leaders of humanitarianism!  Because of this belief, Culinary Crafts is active in many events, groups, and foundations - and one of our favorites is tomorrow!  United Way of Utah County, which is an AMAZING organization, is hosting the annual Day of Caring on the 12th of September and Culinary Crafts LOVES to participate in this worthwhile day of community, volunteerism, and kindness - and you can join this fabulous cause too!  Every year, we are astounded by the amount of volunteers that give their time and love to so many worthwhile projects on this day - and we would love for even more people to join us this year.  To find out more, just click here.  But, even if you can't help specifically with this event tomorrow, we would be honored if you would help the spirit of the event by doing random acts of kindness in your own neighborhoods, communities, or workplaces.  We can all use more kindness and love in the world!  Happy giving everyone! Check out more on Culinary Crafts at!  

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