April 5, 2013

2013 Wedding Trend: Popcorn Bars & S’mores Stations | Favorite Finds Friday


Reposted from Bride Access's You May Kiss the Blog 2013 Wedding Trend: Gone are the days when over the top candy stations were all the rage.  Nowadays, we at Culinary Craftsare seeing Gourmet Popcorn Bars and Make-Your-Own S'mores stations pop up all over the place - and we couldn't be happier!  Culinary Crafts has been perfecting our S'mores and Popcorn offerings over the past years - just in time for this trend that is sweeping our events this year! Culinary Crafts, wedding catering | BrideAccess  Culinary Crafts, wedding catering | BrideAccess Popcorn has often been seen as just a toss away snack food at baseball games and movies, but now with the gourmet flavors we are experimenting with, this makes for a welcome (and fun!) addition to any wedding or event- A Popcorn Bar!  People just can't help smiling while noshing on our Bacon Bourbon Popcorn, Salted Caramel, or Tutti Frutti flavors. Culinary Crafts, wedding catering | BrideAccess culinary crafts, wedding catering | BirdeAccess Culinary Crafts, wedding catering | BrideAccess  Culinary Crafts, wedding catering | BrideAccess  culinary crafts, wedding catering | BirdeAccess The same is true of S'mores!  These treats create a nostalgic feeling for your guests and get them interacting with each other - truly the best way to have a memorable event that they will remember for years!  Couple that with our decadent house-made marshmallows (also made with gourmet flavors if you so choose) and you have a truly fantastic sweet that any guest will love- a S'mores Station! Culinary Crafts, wedding catering | BrideAccess                                              Culinary Crafts, wedding catering | BrideAccess If you are looking to include something a little different and perfectly tailored to your event, we at Culinary Crafts definitely suggest adding a Popcorn Bar or Make-Your-Own S'mores Station! For more on Park City, Utah County, or Salt Lake City catering, check out our website at! Photos by Logan Walker & Pepper Nix of Pepper Nix Photography

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