June 5, 2012

It’s All In The Details! | Trendy Tuesday


I know you've all heard me talk about my love of details.  I love the personal touches that make an event unique and one of a kind.  After all, those are always the most memorable events, right?  Well, today I had our very own wedding planning extraordinaire, Holly Fowler, give us her take on personalizing your big day and tips on small things that will make a big impression!  Take it away Holly! Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, but brides today also want their special day to reflect their personal style. There are endless personal touches you can add to make your wedding uniquely yours.  Over the years, Mary and I have been to so many different types of weddings – intimate gatherings, grand affairs, and everything in between. To us, the most memorable events are always the most personal ones, and that’s a quality that has nothing to do with size, style, or budget.  Celebrations stand out in our mind when the couple includes the people, places, and things that are significant too them. Sound intimidating?  It shouldn’t.  After all, you’re the expert on the little things that mean a lot to you. Start getting creative to put your stamp on your big event.  Here are some very easy, but very impactful, ways to personalize your event! Cake Toppers - Think of it this way, your wedding cake will probably by the most dreamed about dessert of your lifetime.  Finish it off with a detail that’s as memorable as you both and your guests won't soon forget how beautiful it was and so very YOU! Drink Flags, Signage, Escort Cards - Paper elements are a great way to incorporate a design you've created for the invitations that can be carried throughout all the little elements of your wedding day.  Using your color palette, style, and any graphic elements, your signage is a fun detail that also lets your guests know what is going on, being served, or where their seat is! Banners - Fun signs that are in the style of your overall event create eye catching details that your guests will love!  Want something romantic?  Go with a lovely banner that encapsulates your romantic vibe.  Want something fun?  Do a fun and casual sign that tells your guests to boogie! Custom Back Drops - This trend is so in right now and we've loved seeing really creative and stylish brides creating custom backdrops for their weddings!  Whether you are just trying to make a focal point for the ceremony location, a fun wall to frame the head table, or something to set the cake table apart, the options are endless!  A perfect way to personalize your event and to have fun doing it! Monogramming - Incorporating a monogram is one of the most straight forward ways to personalize your event and it definitely adds an air of elegance!  Monograms are a definite show-stopper and a perfect way to show of your new unity and shared name (if you choose to take his!). Favors – Use a family favorite cookie recipe to send off with your guests, sea salt from the ocean you took your first trip together, a CD of your favorite music, or a duo of treats that are handpicked by you and your groom! Happy planning everyone! Check out our website at! Photos by Pepper Nix Photography and Logan Walker of Pepper Nix Photography

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