August 15, 2013

We LOVE Colored Glass Accents!


One of my favorite trends that we at Culinary Crafts are seeing this year is the use of colored glass in your place settings and decor!  I love this trend because it further allows for people to totally customize their event and make it truly one of a kind!  Plus, the glasses, plates, chargers, and teacups we are offering now are GORGEOUS!!!!  Take a look! ColoredGlass Glam green picks are perfect for any type of event!  Whether you are hosting a rustic, natural, vintage, or, even, whimsical event - these pieces make a BEAUTIFUL statement! ColoredGlass2 I love the simple beauty of these snow white pieces.  The white wine glass is my favorite and creates a modern feel when coupled with chic linens or a truly romantic feel when paired with jewel tones.  Love! ColoredGlass3 These golden girls are always a favorite - you know how we love gold accents!  All of these pieces are awesome, but the newest addition is fast becoming one of my top favorites - the sculptural beauty of the amber chargers on the left - perfect for a bold gal with style! ColoredGlass4 I love a touch of whimsy or detail in any event and these glasses are PERFECT for that!  The delicate scroll detail is a feminine touch on the teacup with a DEFINITE vintage feel.  And the poppy blue tumbler is a perfect punch to any table!  Don't you just love it with the copper-y sequined linen?  Amazing! These are just a small selection of the options that are out there, but any of these will make a beautiful statement to any event!  Plus, they are just downright fun - and isn't that the whole point of a party?  Stop by our offices at The Tasting Room in downtown Salt Lake City to check out samples of these GORGEOUS pieces!  Happy planning everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! Photos by Logan Walker, A Pepper Nix Photographer

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