December 27, 2012

80s Party Extravaganza! | Food Theory Thursday


It's almost time to hit the fantastic New Year's Eve parties that are bound to be about in this coming week, and with that in mind, I thought this over-the-top 80s party was a PERFECT inspiration for any of you still looking for party ideas!  We at Culinary Crafts love any excuse to have a party and if you are going to throw one at all, why not do it to the nines?  Well, this party TOTALLY did just that.  A DeLorean, Mr. T (yes, the REAL Mr. T), an 80s dance party, and massive amounts of DELICIOUS food?  Well, that, my friends, is how you throw the ultimate 80s bash!  Check it out! Not only did the band keep everyone dancin' on the ceiling, but a comedy routine from Mr. T was the ultimate 80s surprise.  I pity the fool who wasn't at this party!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) Two of the eight (yes, eight!) action stations for the hungry dudes and dudettes - featuring the Asian Short Ribs Station and the Southwest Grill Station!  Yum! Love that the guests went all out!  It really takes the party to the next level when everyone gets into the spirit of the theme. Another one of our fantastic action stations - this one, the Chinese Sizzling Wok Station - was a DEFINITE crowd favorite. Love that the butler-passed popcorn and treats were in the radical 80s colors seen throughout the space!  So fun! We also brought in 2 ring of fire stations with our signature Flaming Donuts topped off with house made Eggnog gelato!  Seriously, my favorite station EVER. As you can tell, this party was completely rad!  But, you don't have to go this over the top to have a fun and festive party of your own!  Remember to mix food stations throughout your space to keep people mingling and play upbeat music that will put everyone in a party mood.  Also, if you are working with a themed party, its all in the details!  Little things like keeping treats in a color palette or creating signage that harkens back to the theme will have a big impact - but above all, remember to have fun!  It's a party after all!  Happy celebrating, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake  City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!  

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