August 18, 2010

A Chic and Stylish Wedding


Today, I'd like to showcase and wedding we had recently that was absolutely out of this world!  It was something totally unlike anything you'd typically see on the Utah scene.  The feel was utterly chic and modern, but still used rich, luscious fabrics and textures and natural elements to really add a refined elegance to the venue (which was a private home's backyard!)  Mary Crafts oversaw the whole event and here are some highlights in her own words:

"Some wedding exceed all dreams and this wedding is certainly one of them.  I loved every step of planning this amazing celebration and I hope you catch the  ecstasy of this memorable evening.   Guests arrived to Butler-passed Hors d'oeuvres and a creative bar featuring a Summer Fruit Sangria and Blue Moon Beer.  Following the wedding ceremony the tent was transformed into an elegant dining room featuring our new Vineyard Tables with Fruitwood Chivari chairs.  The bride and groom selected white bistro china, amber goblets, and twisted copper flatware to accent the natural setting of their country home.  Following the formal plated dinner for 150 guests, Culinary Crafts presented abundant action stations to an additional 400 guests as they arrived to dance, laugh, and celebrate with John and Kelsi."

Here are some images of this truly spectacular event:

And now the food and decor!

These salads are just one of the delicious parts of the formal dinner before the reception got underway.

Mary overseeing the perfect plating of every dish!

The theme of their love story..."Such a love only comes around once in a Blue Moon".  Isn't that great?

There were so many delectable foods served during the reception, including this beef brisket!  Yum!

Aren't these smores beautiful?  Just one of the gorgeous desserts served during the reception!

Sorry for so many pictures, it was jut so hard to narrow it down!  And now a tip from Mary:

"A HOT TIP FOR THE TRENDY BRIDE:  One of the best decor details in this wedding is the use of rich leather, wood, and rattan lounge furniture rather then the traditional seating tables.  Everyone loves getting comfy with their friends and letting all their cares waft away in the summer evening breeze.  Love, Mary Crafts"

I hope this inspires you to create an out of this world event for yourself!  And if you need any help, we'd love to create something extraordinary for you too! ;)

Photo credits: Mitch Burt of ZumaPhoto

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