February 21, 2009

A Creative Masterpiece


 As I was busy in the kitchen this week, scooping over 700 mini roasted corn cakes, I began to wonder how people would react spending a day in the kitchen. What would they think? What questions would they ask? There is no doubt that they would have a hand full of tasting spoons following us along tasting everything we just finished. At least that is what I hope they would do. This is what we do every day. We get paid to taste food. How many people can say that about there job. It is one of the perks of being a chef but there is also a down side. When you try a new recipe or something you have created and it does not taste all to good. We like to learn from these experiences. We view it as a challenge to take what is a good and make it an immense experience for the taste buds. We will work until we have the right taste for the perfect dish.           Our food not only tastes out of this world but looks that way too. We do our best to receive the most beautiful produce, best meat and the freshest herbs and dairy products we can. We receive deliveries every morning and if they do not look up to our standards we send it back and make a phone call to correct it. Sysco has a wonderful sales staff that goes out of their way to make sure we have what we need, when we need it.           It is then our job to take this food and make a masterpiece for your event. Each of the chefs have an area where we stand out that contribute to the creative process. David, our Garde manger, has the patience for the smallest most tedious tasks. It could be carving 300 cucumber cups, or rolling 4 different types of sushi. He takes his time to make sure it looks perfect. Adam, our Executive Chef has the wonder strength of mixing flavors well, he is also the fastest at filleting salmon. My area is sauces. From a simple Marinara to the delicious Marsala sauce I love to get my spoons out and taste the magical mixture of the flavors. Put this all together and you have not only a beautiful masterpiece but a delicious one at that. Have fun creating! Mindy

27x winner Utah’s Best of State

24x Best of State Caterer

3x Best of the Best / Hospitality

1x Entrepreneur of the Year