September 7, 2012

A Perfect Engagement | Favorite Finds Friday


Today, I'd like to showcase Mary Crafts's daughter Meagan and her BEAUTIFUL engagements, captured by the ever so talented Jacque Lynn of Jacque Lynn Photography!  I love these engagements even more because they tell Meagan and Clayton's story.  Meagan and Clayton started their engagements where they started their courtship, on stage!  (They met each other at Tuachan.)  Next, they revisited their first date which was a picnic - how cute!  I love the trend of people letting their engagements tell people more about the couple's personality, rather than a stiff posed portrait.  These are so gorgeous and I love the way Meagan and Clayton are so naturally at ease with each other - and it helps to have an amazing photographer like Jacque Lynn too!  We are so excited for Meagan and Clayton's upcoming wedding (the countdown is starting!) and I couldn't resist sharing these with all of you!  Take a look! Thank you to Jacque for sharing these photos with us and CONGRATS to Meagan and Clayton!  You two are perfect for each other!  Happy weekend! Check out our website at! Photos by Jacque Lynn Photography

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