March 28, 2012

A Romantic Farm Wedding | Wednesday Wisdom


I love farms.  There is something magical about the expanse of land, the calmness of the setting, and the beauty of the thriving life of the animals and plants that just strikes a cord with me.  Because of this, I LOVE farm/barn set weddings.  Especially if there is a juxtaposition of the rustic and natural feel of the setting and elegant and romantic touches of the wedding - and this is a wedding that does just that!  Take a look! How gorgeous was this wedding?  I loved the gorgeous details throughout and how beautiful is this setting?!  Not to mention, the food was DIVINE!  I loved all of the custom dessert offerings they selected - yum!  I hope this event makes you look forward to warm summer afternoons and beautiful outdoor events - I know I am!  Happy planning everyone! Check out our NEW website at! Photo credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

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