December 15, 2010

A Spectacular 50th Birthday!


A 50th birthday is quite a milestone.  And today, I'd like to showcase a 50th birthday that truly recognizes that and created a spectacular celebration to commemorate every fantastic year!  They chose the Utah Opera House, which is a great venue if you'd like a blank canvas.  We created two separate areas: one for the adults and one for the kids (although, I think the adults snuck over to this side too!)  The adult side has a cool, swanky, sophisticated vibe with food stations, a bar, a slot machine, and a dance floor.  All about unwinding and dancing the night away.  The kids side was all about fun, fun, fun!  It was complete with a slide, face painting, and arcade, and even a stilt walker!  Lets get to the pictures!

They created a really great "logo" that carried through the entire event.  Whether it be a wedding, a birthday, or any event, a "logo" is a really great way to create cohesion and to elevate the event from ordinary to extraordinary.  Tie it in on the invitations, the decor, and even the favors!  People will love it!

Look at this great chalk art piece they had!  Love it!

Now over to the kids side!  I forgot to mention the animals!  Kids (and the adults) will love interacting with animals and insects!

What a wonderful party!  And the details are what really set it apart.  As I've said before, details are what make or break the event.  Small or big, details are what allow you to personalize your event and what people will remember for years to come.  Don't be afraid to show your style and personality!

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Photo Credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

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