October 14, 2010

A Wedding at Johnson Mill


Today, I'd like to showcase a wedding that was in a truly gorgeous setting: the Johnson Mill.  This wedding really worked with the beauty available to them and enhanced it with bursts of colorful flowers and some natural wood elelments seen in the vineyard tables and the branch entwined arbor at the ceremony site. Lets get to the pictures, shall we?

What a setting!  Truly stunning.

Love the natural feel of the vineyard tables.  These definitely add a refined elegance to any event.

Unfortunately the skies opened up on us, but both the guests and the staff didn't let it ruin their fun!

Luckily, it cleared up quickly and was a beautiful day once again.  We even had a rainbow to add some natural beauty to this already wonderful wedding!

A simply stunning wedding that reminds us to always work with your venue.  A lot of the natural characteristics of the setting can add to your event in infinite ways. Also remember that a little upset like a rain shower can end up creating some great memories and beautiful skies!

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Photo credit: Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

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