Eco-Friendly Catering for a Better Utah

When you cater for thousands of people each year, you see the environmental impact of large-scale events up-close and personal! That’s why we adhere to sustainable catering and business practices whenever possible. For starters, our headquarters is 100% wind-powered through the Blue Sky Program.

Other Ways we Cater more Sustainably

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Our Vendor Eco Partners


Amazing but true, this company makes their disposables from fallen leaves and water. That’s all! Their plates, bowls, and serving dishes are biodegradable, compostable, durable, lightweight, convenient, and downright stylish. We love these and so do our guests. Visit them at


This company has a fantastic line of disposable plates, bowls, and flatware. They call it “Veneerware.” It’s made from 100% organic bamboo! After disposal, it biodegrades in 4-6 months. Guests love these chic eco-plates. Visit them at

Momentum Recycling

Momentum is a state-of-the-art recycling company offering on-site recycling for our major events. They allow us to recycle the same way at events that we do at our office and kitchen facilities. Momentum is a key player in the Salt Lake market in moving our community to greener practices, and we are proud to have them as a partner in our “green” catering efforts. Visit them at

Green Fiber Recycling

This amazing company makes eco-friendly insulation out of recycled paper. We generate a substantial volume of paper waste, so Green Fiber has placed a recycling bin behind our Pleasant Grove office. We love contributing our paper to something better than a landfill! Visit them at

Leaf and Fiber

Happily, sustainably produced and biodegradable disposables are readily available now. We use several suppliers who make disposables out of things such as pressed palm leaves, fallen leaves, and bamboo. These items are a welcome replacement for plastic plates and silverware, and they look great! Some of our favorite suppliers and producers are Palm and Leaf, Bambu, VerTerra, Pack-n-Wood and ICBamboo.

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