September 22, 2010

American Cancer Society: Hope Gala


The Hope Gala is almost upon us and I'm excited that Culinary Crafts is involved with such a wonderful event and such a important cause!  The Hope Gala is an annual event hosted by the American Cancer Society to raise funds for their work and research.  This is our 3rd year with the gala and this year's theme is "Embracing Hope, Reflecting Light in the Darkness".  How gorgeous does that sound?  Not to mention its being held at OC Tanner!  Here are some photographs from the past 2 Hope Gala events and I'm sure this year will be equally amazing!

Gorgeous, right?  To find out more about the Hope Gala, click here.  And to make a donation to the American Cancer Society so they can continue on with their truly integral work, click here.

Want to see more worthwhile events, check out our website at!

Photographer credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

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