September 19, 2012

And Now, Your Host, Jay Leno! | Wednesday Wisdom


Today, I'd like to revisit the WONDERFUL exhibition that just finished its run at the UMFA this past weekend.  The exhibit?  Speed: The Art of The Performance Automobile.  A wonderful event filled with fabulous cars and we at Culinary Crafts were evenluckier to have been able to be there for the Jay Leno meet and greet!  This was a true meeting of car enthusiasts and Jay Leno is no exception.  He LOVES the beauty of a finely cultivated auto and our local car lovers were thrilled to meet this man - who happens to have his own stunning collection of vintage cars.  Take a look! We were thrilled to be involved in this beautiful exhibit and excited to have met an icon like Jay Leno!  We can't wait to see what new exhibit comes to the UMFA - and we are betting its going to be just as AMAZING!  Happy Monday everyone! Check out our website at! Photos by Keith Westerberg

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