August 21, 2019

August Recipe of the Month: Grilled Watermelon Salad


Grilled Watermelon Late summer in Utah is one of our favorite times of the year for cooking locally since local produce is at its most abundant, and we get to be cooking outdoors with live fire. This recipe combines both of these elements to create a simple yet innovative summer dish. The natural sweetness of the melon contrasts wonderfully with the smoke flavor from the grill. Delicious!  


  • Fresh watermelon (in the late summer in Utah, for the best watermelon visit your nearest farmer’s market for melons from Green River)
  • Extra virgin olive oil- (see our previous blog entry about how to pick olive oil from the grocery store)
  • Kosher salt (we love and recommend the Redmond Real Salt)
  • Fresh arugula (can substitute rainbow chard, frisee or other greens as desired - in Utah County, our favorite greens come from Snuck Farm)
  • Fresh mint (or basil, thyme, etc. as desired)
  • Shaved cheddar cheese (see our previous blog entry about our favorite local cheeses)
  • Aged balsamic vinegar
  • Lime zest


Slice watermelon into thick slices (at least 1.5 inches thick). Lightly drizzle the olive oil and sprinkle the salt over the watermelon. Grill the watermelon slices over a medium to high heat until the melon flesh is lightly charred (approximately 2 -3 minutes per side). A charcoal grill will maximize the grill flavor. Serve the grilled melon over a bed of greens. Melon can be left in whole thick slices or cut into smaller pieces as desired. Top with the shaved cheese, fresh mint, aged balsamic and lime zest. Additional oil and salt can be added to taste. Enjoy!

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