May 20, 2014

Bootcamp with Jess is PERFECT for Brides!


BootcampWithJessMany of you out there are brides-to-be and as a bride-to-be, you are probably dreaming about the details of your wedding day.  In addition to those fun daydreams, very often we see brides - not to mention the bridesmaids, mother-of-the-brides, mother-of-the-groom, etc. - fretting about looking absolutely 'perfect' on that special day too .  Now, I'm here to tell you that I do not advocate, in any way, overly extreme or unhealthy methods of dieting or exercise to get yourself to a certain weight that would compromise your health or body.  There is NOTHING worth putting your body and mind through that trauma.   I do, however, think that a healthy diet and exercise routine that can you tone you up while simultaneously starting a positive and active lifestyle (whether it be for your wedding day or just for your future - and beyond) IS definitely worthwhile!  With that being said, I am so happy tell you about a fellow Best of State Winner for Athletic Camps & Training: Bootcamp With Jess.  They've won 6 times in a row, so they are doing something right, for sure!  I can say, with full sincerity, that this program is life-changing.  I, personally, have never been what you'd call 'athletic' and I literally cringed when people mentioned running or most exercise in any capacity.  But, my husband and I decided that it was time to make a change to get healthy and stave off any health related issues that may pop up as we get older.  So we joined Bootcamp With Jess, and let me tell you, this program is AMAZING.  All it requires is 6 weeks of your life - dedicated to focusing on improving your diet, exercise, and overall heathy lifestyle - and you will be amazed at the strength that you gain!  So, brides, do you have 6 weeks?  Do you want to tone up, get healthy, and embark on healthy life as you begin your future with your new hubby?  Bootcamp With Jess is a great option and they have locations in Midvale, West Jordan, and Draper!  Here's a snippet of what you can expect: As you can see, it's challenging, but there is an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and support - and the instructors are the best!  (Shout out to Instructor Coleman!)  Don't let your age, health problems, physical activity level, or anything like that make you think you can't do the program either.  I've seen 12 year olds do the program and 70 year olds do the program - and every age in between.  I've see marathon runners and couch potatoes make it through.  And they will work with any health/physical limitations that you have (with your doctor's supervision, if needed) to make sure your experience is a positive step toward a healthy life!  Seriously, whether you are a bride looking for a bridal bootcamp or a person who just wants a kick in the rear to get healthy, Bootcamp with Jess is AWESOME!  Happy getting healthy, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

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