January 10, 2012

Bridal Nail Polish Trends | Trendy Tuesday


Photo by Arrow & Apple I love nail polish.  Its a serious obsession, to the point of insanity, I swear.  But lately, because I so love polished digits, I am really LOVING the options and colors that brides are using on their nails as part of their overall wedding look!  Gone are the days when brides were expected to have a pale pink nail, french manicure, or a blush color on their hands and feet.While I still enjoy that look for the classic, elegant bride, I think that your style and color palette can really be used to jazz up your polish!  From bright splashes of yellows, reds, and teals to the muted sophistication of grays, taupes and nudes to even the metallic and shimmer glam look for the bling-loving bride - no color is off limits.  For example, I love these ideas from Inspired By This!  Incorporating your colors to the smaller details of your pedicure and manicure are one way to take the overall look and cohesive feel of your wedding to that next level.  Plus, you can have fun and set yourself apart from your bridal party in just one more way by adding a splash of a contrasting color!  Don't think that your mani and pedi need to match either.  Maybe put a bright polish on your toes and a subtle nod to your palette in a colorful french-style manicure (or keep it traditional - and leave the fun for your peek-a-boo toes)!  Happy planning everyone! Check out our NEW website at!

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