February 18, 2015

Bright & Bold Brunch Inspiration Shoot!


Today I have a re-post from Kristina Curtis Photography's blog of this picture perfect brunch inspiration shoot that was featured in the 2015 issue of Utah Valley Bride magazine!  We had so much fun creating these small breakfast plates (which I will focus on more in a post soon) - and the bold palette was a perfect punch to this early morning fête.  Check it out!
2015-02-04_00022015-02-04_00072015-02-04_00042015-02-04_00162015-02-04_00182015-02-04_00032015-02-04_00012015-02-04_00112015-02-04_00522015-02-04_00482015-02-04_00152015-02-04_00062015-02-04_00052015-02-04_00132015-02-04_00562015-02-04_00412015-02-04_00092015-02-04_00102015-02-04_00142015-02-04_00172015-02-04_00122015-02-04_00082015-02-04_00212015-02-04_00252015-02-04_00192015-02-04_00372015-02-04_00202015-02-04_00282015-02-04_00532015-02-04_00362015-02-04_00222015-02-04_00232015-02-04_00242015-02-04_00322015-02-04_00432015-02-04_00602015-02-04_00262015-02-04_00292015-02-04_00392015-02-04_00302015-02-04_00312015-02-04_00402015-02-04_00332015-02-04_00342015-02-04_00352015-02-04_00382015-02-04_00472015-02-04_00462015-02-04_00552015-02-04_00502015-02-04_00422015-02-04_00442015-02-04_00492015-02-04_00612015-02-04_00512015-02-04_00582015-02-04_00452015-02-04_00542015-02-04_00622015-02-04_00572015-02-04_0059 Thank you SO MUCH to Kristina Curtis for sharing this post with us and thank you to Utah Valley Bride for inviting us to be a part of this AMAZING team!  Happy dreaming, everyone! Utah Valley Bride // Bright + Bold Brunch from Ryan Hinman Films on Vimeo. Vendors: Photography Kristina Curtis Photography | Styling Attention 2 Detail Events  | Floral design Flowers by Adrien  | Paper Suite Pro Digital Photos  | CATERERS-  Culinary Crafts   | Kneaders Bakery  | Landmark Catering  | Magleby’s Catering |  Gown Avenía Bridal  | Suit Beckett & Robb  | Hair Kelcie Billat at Seasons Salon and Day Spa   | Makeup Kirsten Tobar at Seasons Salon and Day Spa  | Videography Ryan Hinman Films   |  Models Makenzi & Mason Davis   BEHIND THE SCENES 2015-02-04_0063

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