April 11, 2012

Bronzed Goddess Tips | Wednesday Wisdom


I know all of you brides out there want to look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous on your big day.  Some of you, especially you summer brides out there, want that healthy glow, sun-kissed look.  Well, I am here to tell you to stay away from tanning beds and look into spray tanning!  Not only is it non-cancerous, but it can totally give you a subtle, bronze-y glow without the sunburn - and I'm not talking an orange-y spray tan or the "Jersey Shore" 4 shades too dark look either.  A true professional will talk to you about your wants and take your skin tone into consideration and come up with the perfect tan for you.  A master will even make you feel okay with baring all so you get a true all -over tan.   Such a master is Misha Nunez!  Mary was a summer bride not to long ago and she found Misha to give her that perfect finishing touch for her nuptials - and what a beautiful bride she was!  Her skin was healthy, bronzed, and flawless, and since Misha works from her home, Mary was put at ease and felt super comfortable throughout the entire process!  Another awesome tidbit is that Misha sells 'at-home' kits for those touch-ups in between a full session.  How awesome is that?  You can learn to give yourself the treat of a tan in your very own home!  Seriously, brides, don't risk a sunburn only days before your wedding.  A spray tan by Misha will be sure to be flawless, look amazing, and leave your skin in tip-top healthy condition.  She is amazing!  Happy tanning everyone! You can reach Misha at 801.864.7559 or email her at Check out our website at!

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