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April 13, 2009

Mary’s Favorite Wedding Tips #4


4)  One of the newest trends to come around in the wedding world is the use of lounge furniture at a reception.  This is usually a cozy area arranged with sofas, end tables, ottomans, or even just jumbo pillows where family and close friends can relax away from the hussle and bussle of the celebration.  For years, we have been using high boy tables around the dance floor as a great place for guests to gather in the center of the action.  Now, we are providing lounge spaces for guests to gather for more intimate conversation and breath of fresh air.  A welcome idea for the large or small reception. Check back next week for my final wedding tip! Mary Crafts cc1991loresimg_1189lores

April 2, 2009

Mary’s Favorite Wedding Tips #3


3) I love wedding that have a theme other than "simple elegance"! Themes can reflect a bride and groom's interests, travels, hobbies, colors, or style. Some brides select themes based on current trends such as "Vintage Chic" with the use of black and white damask linens and updated classic foods. Other brides select a location theme such as "Bali, India" using colorful fabrics and unique ethnic foods. There is nothing better than guests arriving at the celebration to exclaim: "This is perfect! It looks just like Jessica and her personal style." Together the bride and her caterer can create a memorable evening that guests will remember and applaud. Yours Truly, Mary Crafts

March 26, 2009

Las Vegas Wedding for 1600!


Culinary Crafts just completed another "first" for our company.  1600 caterers from around the world gathered in Las Vegas at the International Caterers Association annual conference to learn from us about planning, designing, and executing exquisite weddings.  We created an mock "real wedding" complete with gorgeous bride, groom, bridesmaids, a hilarious father of the bride, and the most hilarious toasting ever!  We served 26 different menu items at chef action stations as well as scrumptious passed hors d'oeuvres, and showcased designer linens and wedding cake.  My favorite part was the premier of our new "Roving Cupcake" Groom's Cake.   This is  a great presentation for the bride seeking a few unique touches to set her wedding apart from the crowd.   With over 100 staff, we dazzled the crowd with what "Utah" can do!   Culinary Crafts is setting wedding trends for caterers across the nation and around the world!  Hope you enjoy these photos and see more photos on our website.  And remember to fill you life with good food and joy!

March 23, 2009

Mary’s Favorite Wedding Tips #2


2)  It's never too early or too late to start planning.  Yes, every bride loves to have 12 months to plan her special day but that is not always possible....especially in Utah!  The first order of business is to decide on your wedding location.  Venues can usually only accommodate one wedding a day and good venues go quickly.  An seasoned and experienced caterer can serve from 3 to 10 brides on any busy wedding day---all with flawless perfection.  However, not all caterers are set up to handle multiple weddings with enough staff and equipment. Make sure that you select a caterer that is capable of handling the busy wedding days with ease and grace, and not simply buying tons of frozen foods and ordering inexperienced staff from a staffing agency. Tip #3 will be up next week so be sure to check back! Thanks, Mary

March 14, 2009

Mary’s Favorite Wedding Tips #1


img_9157rachel 1)  Select a caterer you can trust.  I always say a bride will know when she has found the right caterer to entrust her once-in-a-lifetime event as she will feel a tremendous weight off her shoulders.  The caterer should be creative and suggestive with new ideas but more importantly, listen to the bride's vision and dreams.  Speak with wedding venues and other wedding professionals regarding the reputation of your caterer before signing the dotted line.  Any caterer can provide good letters of reference from satisfied brides, but other wedding professionals such as photographers, florists, and musicians, experience caterers where "the rubber meets the road" and can often give the most honest feedback. Check back next week for another tip! Yours truly, Mary Crafts

February 11, 2009

2 New Venues for Culinary Crafts!


 I want to share some exciting news with all our brides and corporate clients. We have just been given the "preferred caterer" contract at The Depot and Grand Hall at the Gateway. There are so many options here from an intimate dinner for 25 guest to the full blow-out event for up to 3000! The second venue is The Swaner Eco Center in Kimball Junction, Park City where we are honored to be their exclusive caterer. This is Utah's only "Leed" Platinum Building with indoor and outdoor areas set in a beautiful mountain setting. I particularly love the 40 foot pier out into the preserve where hundreds of birds and wild life call home. These venues are so different but so perfect for the unique style of our clients. Culinary Crafts is the preferred caterer at more venues than any other caterer in Utah, and I would love to help all of you find the ideal location for your next event. Just send me your details and I'll make some recommendations just for you! Sincerely, Mary Crafts depot_8974_sj

January 28, 2009

Dear Mary,


img_9157After catering over 5000 weddings in my career, I guess you could call me an expert.  This is my first time blogging and all my staff at Culinary Crafts say I will love it....we'll see!  I would be happy to share any of my knowledge with inquiring brides but I may not be able to respond to everyone.  So start asking away and I'll do my best to share a little "wedding wisdom". Warm regards,  Mary Crafts

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