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August 30, 2011

Pharmacy Cup Polo Match: The Decor


Today, we are going to show you more of The University of Utah Pharmacy Cup Polo Match!  It's time to show you the decor and let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS!  Firstly, the event was housed in a huge, beautiful tent that kept all of the guests cool on the stunning summer day.  Couple that with fabulous citrus-y, silky linens and bright, jewel colored blooms and you have a perfect setting for the high-brow attendees!  Check it out!

Our lovely Mary Crafts-Homer, making sure everything is perfect!

Simply GORGEOUS, right?!  A major shout out must be given to the talented people of Scenemakers who designed the whole thing!  And there's still more!  We haven't even shown you the actual polo match or the hats!  Never fear, dear readers, that will be coming soon on the blog!  So keep checking back for the final post on this stellar event!

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Photo credit: Mitch Burt of ZumaPhoto and Keith Westerberg

August 24, 2011

Pharmacy Cup Polo Match: The Food


We had the distinct honor of catering for the University of Utah's Pharmacy Cup Polo Match recently, and what an event it was! Hundreds of high-brow guests attended the event and even participated in the famous "stomping of the divots" tradition!  Well, this was chock full of delectable food, gorgeous decor, and fantastic polo to be played!  And, because it was so magnificent, we'll be showcasing the event over multiple posts!  Today, we'll be showing you the fantastic food!  Check it out!


So much gorgeous and DELICIOUS looking food!  We had 100 staff on site for this event so it was definitely all hands on deck!   Mary even corralled her new husband, Rick, into frying eggs for the guests!  I love that she likes things to be a family affair, so fun! Stayed tuned for future posts on the decor and the polo match as well!  It's going to be AMAZING!

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Photo Credit: Mitch Burt of ZumaPhoto and Keith Westerberg

August 16, 2011

ICA’s 2011 CaterArts Conference!


A couple weeks ago, Mary went to the ICA CaterArts Conference to learn some new tricks, trends, and ideas!  She also had the opportunity to bring along Culinary Craft's the executive sous chef, Victoria Skeem, the executive chef, Marco Niccoli, and, of course, her hubby, Rick!  They all had a blast and wanted to share some photos from this fantastic event!  Check it out!

Mary, Rick, and some of the other 2011 CaterArts attendees!

How delicious does this food look?!  Yum!

Our team enjoying the fantastic fare at the convention!

The ICA 2011 CaterArts Conference was amazing and we are so glad that Mary, Rick, Marco, and Victoria were able to go!  We hope to share some of the new trends and tricks they learned soon!  Thank you to the ICA for hosting such a wonderful event!

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August 4, 2011

The National Governor’s Conference Afterparty!


Today, I am thrilled to share the last of the three event Culinary Crafts had the pleasure of catering for the National Governor's Conference!  It was a FANTASTIC afterparty held at the Grand Hall at the Gateway.  It was a truly stunning setting and an amazing way to close out the conference!  Not to mention the edgy food to go with this edgy after party!  Cotton Candy with Thai Shrimp and Wasabi Pop Rocks; Flaming Donuts with Dulce de Leche Gelato; Skewered Punjab Turkey with Chai Tea Gin Shooters; Green Jello Vodka Shots; and Utah BBQ Wings!  See - Salt Lake City can be a lot of fun!!!  Check it out!

Such a fun atmosphere and I love, love, LOVE the s'mores bar!  Perfect for summer and totally a hit with guests of any age!  Thank you so much to every one of the attendees of the National Governor's Conference for letting us have so much fun with you this year!  It was amazing to be a part of this wonderful event!

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Photos provided by Keith Westerberg

July 28, 2011

Live from the Hive!


We had so much fun catering for the National Governor's Conference!  Not only were there 3 totally different parties planned, but each event was AMAZING!  This event was called "Live from the Hive!" and was held at the spectacular Utah Olympic Park for 800 guests.  It was HUGE!  We really focused on using local products and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!  Menu featured local Utah trout, Barbecued Beef Brisket, and Fresh Peach Cobbler!   Yum!!! We LOVE to showcase local Utah foods!   Check it out!

Such a GORGEOUS and fun event!  Stayed tuned for the last event from the National Governor's Conference next week on the blog!

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Photo credit: Keith Westerberg


July 21, 2011

National Governor’s Conference


Culinary Crafts had the wonderful honor of catering for the National Governor's Conference that was held this past week.  We catered three distinct parties, all of which were very different!  Last Thursday, Governor Herbert and his wife hosted a luncheon honoring the Chinese delegation at the Governor's Mansion in which the VIP Governors and their wives were also invited.  It was awe-inspiring to meet and serve so many fabulous governors, their wives, and also the foreign dignitaries that attended as well.  So naturally, we wanted to provide a gorgeous and delectable meal!  Check it out!

STUNNING!  One of the really simple, yet elegant, touches we added to the dessert was serving the sorbetto in quenelle shapes, instead of scooping it onto the plate with a traditional scoop.  All you need to do is use two large tablespoons and scoop out a wedge holding the tablespoons at the edge of the scoop you'll be making and it'll make that lovely shape you see on the plate above!  Then we put the individual quenelles back into the freezer for a bit to really solidify the shape.  Such a wonderful addition to any plate and easy enough your could do it at home or for any event!

And for all of the readers who caught my faux pas yesterday, I apologize!  Mary caught my misspelling of quenelles and I corrected it right away.  I'm glad to know I still learn something new everyday! :)

The next two events we'll be featuring from the National Governor's Conference are the Utah "Live from the Hive" at the Utah Olympic Park  for 800 guests and afterwards, the edgy, rockin' after party hosted at the Grand Hall at the Gateway for 300 guests.  Stay tuned for those events in upcoming posts.  And thank you again to the National Governor's Conference for allowing us to be involved with such a fantastic event!

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Photo credit: Keith Westerberg

May 2, 2011

UV 50 Gala!


Recently, we had the great honor of catering a FANTASTIC event...  The UV 50 Gala!  What is the UV 50 Gala, you might ask? Well it's Utah Valley BusinessQ's awards for the Top 30 Fastest-Growing Companies, Top 10 Revenue Gaining Companies and Top 10 Startups to Watch!  Such a fantastic event and so many leaders and ideas to be shared!!!

Check out the Property Solutions guys decked out in matching all white suits and red Vans!  An outstanding way to get noticed, even among so many head-turning companies! Thank you so much Utah Valley BusinessQ for asking us to be involved with such a great event.  It was amazing!

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March 21, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Johnson Mill


I have a truly spectacular venue to share with you today: Johnson Mill.  You may remember an event we showcased there that I posted about (you can refresh your memory here) but I thought we really didn't do enough justice to its beauty and gorgeousness!

It is more than just a mere venue, however...  It is also a stunning bed and breakfast with all of the outdoor activities and romantic amenities you could ever imagine.  In fact, Redbook magazine voted Johnson Mill "One of America's Four Most Romantic Inns".  A very well-deserved nod to them in my opinion.

And, not only can you reserve the inn's grounds for your event, you can actually reserve the grounds AND accommodations for your guests!  This place is seriously the best for destination weddings or for those or you who have out of town guests.

I am totally enthralled with the natural beauty, elegance, and stunning offerings that Johnson Mill provides.  We definitely hope to do more events there this year!  I hope this helps all of you out there still struggling to find a venue.  Not to mention, what a perfect place to spend a honeymoon!!!

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Photo credits: Courtesy of Johnson Mill and last frame From Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto

March 3, 2011

Venue Spotlight: Red Butte Garden


Are you looking around for the perfect venue for your event?  One with lush gardens, a spectacular outdoor setting, and an Orangerie to boot?  Well, let me tell you about Red Butte Garden. Red Butte Garden is a beautiful setting for weddings, anniversaries, corporate retreats, holiday parties, or just about any special occasion. Remember that Orangerie I mentioned?  Well the Richard K. Hemingway Orangerie is a spectacular setting with floor to ceiling windows so you can fully appreciate the gorgeous mountains to the east and the breathtaking Salt Lake Valley to the west.  And its open all year long! In the warmer summer months, you can even hold your ceremony in select areas on the Garden for an out of the ordinary location.  This is the kind of place that will put you in a whole new frame of mind...  The perfect place to bring your event to life!  Now, let's see some pictures!

What a gorgeous place for a wedding ceremony!  Seriously, drop dead GORGEOUS!

How spectacular is this patio?  What a fun way to dance the night away in the open air under the stars....  So pretty!  I hope this inspires you to check out some venues that provide you spectacular environments in the Great Outdoors!  Happy planning!

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January 20, 2011

Culinary Crafts At Sundance!


I am thrilled that Culinary Crafts is involved with the Sundance Film Festival again this year!  How so, you may ask?  Well, we are involved with some of the best parties happening during Sundance...  (You'll have to check back to see some AWESOME events!  There may even be some VERY familar faces...)  In the meantime though, you should check out the festival and see some great films.  You can see the schedule here.  The festival runs from January 20th - January 30th, so there is plenty of time to check it out!  We are so lucky to be involved with such a great festival and its beyond fantastic its right here in our very own Utah!

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