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January 19, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Riehl Events


Today I'd like to showcase one of our fantastic vendor partners, Riehl EventsRiehl Events is a one stop shop to help you plan your event, whether you need full service event planning, just a little help to keep organized, or just day of overseeing so you can relax and enjoy!  This is far too limited of an explanation though.  They truly are masters of all things design and can help you with just about anything you may not feel 100% comfortable doing yourself including (but definitely not limited to) lighting design, tablescapes, event design, photo styling, floral design and more!  And don't think they are just for planning weddings!  They can plan anything you could dream up from birthday parties to corporate functions!  Seriously, they are awesome!

The beautiful Jacque Riehl, the owner and creative maven who heads Riehl Events!

The Riehl Events team!

What gorgeous events!  We here at Culinary Crafts love working with you Riehl Events!  You rock!

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January 7, 2011

Exciting News!


Some excellent news from the wonderful Mary Crafts!  She has accepted an invitation from the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau to become a member of the Board of Trustees.  This is the first time a caterer has been invited to be on the Trustee Board and we are so proud!  There is no doubt that her years of experience will be a huge benefit to the convention and tourism business here in Utah!  Congratulations to you Mary, and we know you'll be amazing!

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Photo Credit: Logan Walker of Sprout Photo

December 23, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Ann Elizabeth Custom Invitations


Remember the Peacock party I posted earlier this week?  I'll refresh your memory here.  Today I'd like to spotlight the creator of those AMAZING invitations: Ann Elizabeth Custom Invitations.  Ann Elizabeth is a true design maven and makes the most extraordinary invitations for any event, as well as any other paper goods you would like.  And she does holiday cards to boot!  Here are some invitations for events we have personally been involved with.  I think you will agree she is a genius!

How cute is this?!  You can see this event here.  The invitations really set the tone for the party!

Such beautiful design!  Love it!

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Photo Credits: Top set and bottom set, Logan Walker of ZumaPhoto; middle set Ashlee Raubach of Ashlee Raubach Photography

December 21, 2010

A Party Fit For a Peacock!


Today, I have an event that is simply GORGEOUS.  It had a central peacock details that works, not only for this elegant holiday party, but could definitely translate to an awesome palette for a wedding!  It is rich, lush, and sumptuous with the gorgeous crepe fabrics and golds in the plates and drinkware.  Finish that off with beautiful red roses, purple currant berries, tulips, and peacock feathers as the floral arrangement and you are truly going to impress!  Let's show off some of the pictures!

These invitations are to die for!  Ann Elizabeth is truly a master of design.  I love the art deco detailing!  It really takes it above and beyond the "peacock" theme.  (Stay tuned for a spotlight on Ann Elizabeth later on this week too!)

Rachel always makes sure the final details are taken care of and the event goes off without a hitch.  We love you Rachel!

Aren't these arrangements amazing?!  Leave it to Orchid Dynasty to create such spectacular pieces!

I love the compliment of the reds and the turquoises on the tables.  Its truly a dynamic and visually arresting color combination.

The food, as always, is simply delectable and beautiful to boot!

The Hope Gallery is definitely a special and breathtaking venue for any event.  Plus, there is never a break in all the beauty around you!  Definitely a place that will keep you guests talking for years to come!

I hope this inspired you to take some risks with your colors.  I think the results could be stellar!

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Photo Credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

December 15, 2010

A Spectacular 50th Birthday!


A 50th birthday is quite a milestone.  And today, I'd like to showcase a 50th birthday that truly recognizes that and created a spectacular celebration to commemorate every fantastic year!  They chose the Utah Opera House, which is a great venue if you'd like a blank canvas.  We created two separate areas: one for the adults and one for the kids (although, I think the adults snuck over to this side too!)  The adult side has a cool, swanky, sophisticated vibe with food stations, a bar, a slot machine, and a dance floor.  All about unwinding and dancing the night away.  The kids side was all about fun, fun, fun!  It was complete with a slide, face painting, and arcade, and even a stilt walker!  Lets get to the pictures!

They created a really great "logo" that carried through the entire event.  Whether it be a wedding, a birthday, or any event, a "logo" is a really great way to create cohesion and to elevate the event from ordinary to extraordinary.  Tie it in on the invitations, the decor, and even the favors!  People will love it!

Look at this great chalk art piece they had!  Love it!

Now over to the kids side!  I forgot to mention the animals!  Kids (and the adults) will love interacting with animals and insects!

What a wonderful party!  And the details are what really set it apart.  As I've said before, details are what make or break the event.  Small or big, details are what allow you to personalize your event and what people will remember for years to come.  Don't be afraid to show your style and personality!

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Photo Credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

December 8, 2010

Spotlight: LMG Events


I love to work with Mara Marian from LMG Events!  Not only is Mara one of the sweetest women I know, but her attention to detail, organizational skills, and design aesthetic are amazing!  If you are looking for an Event Planner or Wedding Coordinator, I highly recommend giving Mara a call and she will take all of your worries away and handle every last gorgrous detail for you.  Here is a glimpse of her stunning work!

Thank you Mara for being so amazing and making our jobs just a little bit easier!

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Photo credits: Head shot, Chudleigh Photography, Top event, Heather George Photography, Center event, CK Photo, Bottom event, Chudleigh Photography

November 21, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Craig Chambers, Disc Connection


Are you stumped trying to find someone to set the mood and provide the music that is perfect for your event?  Well look no farther!  Craig Chambers of Disc Connection is one of the most talented and professional DJs in the state.  He'll keep the party jumping without using any hokey gimmicks or props.  And with more than 15 years experience, Disc Connection is constantly expanding their music library so whether you're wanting a more current music selection, a mix of the 'golden oldies', or a little bit of everything in between, Disc Connection will definitely deliver! 

Craig Chambers and Disc Connection are truly masters of their profession and go above and beyond to meet and exceed their client's needs.  You won't be disappointed!

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Photo credits: Pepper Nix, Pepper Nix Photography

October 25, 2010

An Elegant Holiday


I know its still awhile away, but I'm here to remind you to book your holiday parties!  We fill up quick and would hate to see anyone miss out.  Today, I'd like to spotlight a more 'traditional style' holiday party at the gorgeous McCune Mansion.  The mansion is full of rich finishes, beautiful wooden features, and elegant decorative elements and as you can see, it all just adds to the atmosphere of a holiday event that harkens to yesteryear.

Simply stunning!  Perfect for a beautiful holiday event.  The McCune Mansion can entertain both small and large groups, making this perfect for cozier retreats as well as grand affairs.  I hope this inspires you to start planning your own holiday party!

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Photo credits: Pepper Nix Photography and ZumaPhoto

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