Favorite Find Friday

November 4, 2011

Favorite Find Friday: Flower Alternatives from Inspired by This


Today, I'd like to share a fantastic post I found on Inspired by This about flower alternatives!  I love, love, love all of the creative and inventive ways people are coming up with instead of flowers - and while I LOVE flowers, don't get me wrong - these are just a little bit different approach that can add a handmade and crafty feel to your event!  Take a look!

"I think everyone knows that I am in love flowers. It’s no secret.  They make everything better and happier! The only problem with flowers is they only last a few days, a week at max. Today I’d love to share some of my favorite flower alternatives that may not have the touch or aroma of a real flower, but are still beautiful! Whether they are made of paper, plastic, ribbon or fabric the best thing about flower alternatives is they last for forever!  You can enjoy your bouquet and boutonnieres as wedding mementos for years to come!

Photo by Ashley Rose

Photo by Ben Blood

Photo by For You Love Me

Photo by Simply Bloom

Photo by Goodnickels Photography

Photo by Hugh Forte

Photo by Hugh Forte

Found on LionsgateDesigns Etsy Shop

Photo by Mark Brooke

Photo by Dana Grant

Photo by Simply Bloom

Photo by Daniel Lanton, Sculpted Blooms by Momental Designs"

I hope you enjoy this beautiful post as much as I do!  Thank you so much to Inspired by This for posting this originally, it is AWESOME!  Happy weekend readers!

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October 28, 2011

Favorite Find Friday: Yummy Fruit Candles!


This favorite find comes from one of our favorites, Senior Event Coordinator Jacque Riehl!  What is it, you might ask?  Well, it's a fruit candle corer that carves the perfect niche for a tea light and while you burn the candle, the most yummy sent of real fruit fills your home!  What a FANTASTIC harvest time idea!  And for Halloween, try it in a pumpkin - yum!  Thank you Jacque for sharing this with us.  Have a wonderful weekend readers!

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October 21, 2011

Favorite Find Friday: Witches’ Brew


Today for my favorite find, I have a super spooky (and super delicious) Witches' Brew recipe for you!  This favorite sets the mood of any Halloween party and it's festive flavors are perfect for these cool, fall months.  Take a look!

Yum!  I hope this adds the 'spooky' to any of your Halloween events!  Happy Brewing!

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Image and recipe from Martha Stewart

October 14, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday: Our Staff Photos


A couple of weeks ago, we were able to take a staff photo, and for this Favorite Finds Friday, I'd like to share a couple with you!  I know this may sound cheesy (but its totally true) - we are SO blessed to have each and everyone of our staff as part of the Culinary Crafts team because each person is amazing, wonderful, and talented!  Our staff is FABULOUS and each of them are a 'Favorite Find'!


Thank you to all of our staff for being the best of the best!  We love you!  Happy weekend everyone!

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Photo credit: Logan Walker, ZumaPhoto

September 23, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday: Culinary Crafts Company Party


We at Culinary Crafts had our company part a couple of weeks ago and it was AWESOME!  Easily, the best company party EVER!  Here's the lowdown from the hostess with the most-ess, Mary Crafts-Homer:

"Culinary Crafts company party at our house. We had Sure Fire Pizza bring their wood-fired oven to cook fresh pizzas for young and old alike! Had a big outdoor screen to watch Father of the Bride...every wedding caterer has to love this!"

Culinary Crafts has the best people on our staff and its hard not to have an AMAZING time when we're all hanging out.  Not only was there delicious SureFire Pizza on hand, but there were s'mores and outdoor movies!  Thank you, Mary, for having us over and being a FABULOUS boss.  Happy weekend readers!

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September 17, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday: Winter Wedding Inspiration Board


So, this Favorite Friday Finds is one day late!  I'm so sorry, my dear readers!  But, even though its belated, this gem of an inspiration board is worth the wait!  This palette of icy pinks, dove grey, and hint of elegant pearl is a perfect fit for a winter wedding!  I envision a romantic, cozy, and intimate reception with toasty fireplaces and snow flurries showing in the windows to the outdoors.  So pretty! My absolute favorite part of the board is the signature drink that fits the palette to a 't'.  Mercury accented glasses pull in the greys, while a luscious pink concoction adds the pink of the palette.  To top it off, the smoky clouds add the romantic pearl feel - but even more amazing would be a spun sugar garnish instead.  Volia!  You have a signature drink that will definitely personalize your wedding and set it apart.  Culinary Crafts LOVES designing these unique drinks and I think it is such a special touch!

Happy planning readers!

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