Modern Wedding Style, Hot Tips for Cool Brides

February 9, 2009

Modern Wedding Style, hot tips for cool brides


GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK! We adore that interest in “Green Weddings” has gone off the charts!  Culinary Crafts has been at the forefront of this movement in catering with our bio-diesel trucks delivering fresh handmade, locally produced food and culinary products to our ever-growing environmentally conscientious clientele on a daily basis. Well, now that you’ve chosen the scrumptious and inventive, locally inspired Culinary Crafts menu it’s time to think “Eco Chic” for the rest of the details. There are growing options in the bridal collections of several designers houses, such as Chris Cole’s “The Cotton Bride.” It features fabulously stylish, sustainable alternatives in cotton satins, chiffon and even cotton tulle!  ice-plantFor Spring and Summer garden receptions, cool and crisp Cotton Linens with arrangements of native and regional grown floral and greenery.  And if you want to recycle the flowers, move the arrangements from the ceremony to the reception and then arrange for them to be to be dropped off at a local hospital or nursing home.    img_6403lores2 For favors, how about some locally made jam or pots of Utah honey. Or perhaps in lieu of favors, donate to a Green Organization in honor of your guests. bambooplateslores-reduxForgo using disposable products as much as possible, and choose eco-friendly bio-degradable items and sustainable materials such as Bamboo and Corn Starch based plastic alternatives.  Making your wedding “Green” is not that difficult. Even small efforts made will make an impact. Even if you are only able to incorporate a couple of Green ideas into your wedding, you’ve lessened the negative impact on the environment and are helping pave the way to a better world for your new family! 
Best regards- Michael Sanders

February 2, 2009

Modern Wedding Style, hot tips for cool brides


Whenever I first encounter a bride to be, the first thing I ask is if they've chosen the date and selected the location for the wedding and reception. Most respond that they haven't really nailed down either of those tiny details but they have almost always decided on the most important detail..........the color scheme!


Well for the moment, let’s let our parents worry about those “silly” other things, such as planning the scrumptious Culinary Crafts menu, we want to talk about colors.


I’m seeing a return to glamour in 2009 with fashion forward looks using Black and White as an elegant base with a pop of bright color such as Lemon Yellow, Lime Green or Fire Engine Red.


Black and White with a mix of metallic colors, Silver, Copper, Bronze and Gold provide a sophisticated  formal evening look.


High Contrast Damask and Retro Marimekko inspired prints are very hip and a lot of fun.


Analogous color schemes that use colors tones that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel for a chic modern feel.


Sleek modern containers of monochromatic bright floral provide a great color pop. Topiary floral “Snowballs” or tall clear cylinders of submerged exotic Green Calla Lilies give a sophisticated modern edge to a tuxedo dressed Black and White table.


Bridesmaids dressed in flattering “little black dresses” that they actually adore.


And Mom…..well let Mom do as she pleases!  She should wear a color and style that will become and enhance her features and make her feel beautiful, even if it deviates a little (or a lot) from your color scheme.


Well these are just some of the myriad of choices that you’ll have to ponder. But ultimately the color scheme will be comprised of your own personal favorite colors and therefore there are no truly incorrect color choices.

After all it is your day.


Best Regards-

Michael Sanders

January 26, 2009

Modern Wedding Style, hot tips for cool brides


Hi, and welcome to the new Culinary Crafts blog!

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I'm Michael Sanders, an event planner and wedding specialist.  I’ve recently relocated to Utah from the East Coast. I’ve spent many years planning smashingly stylish weddings and other special events in New York City and Philadelphia.  I’ve organized soirees featured on national television such as The Ace Of Cakes and national magazines such as The Knot. I’ve gotten my brides stylishly down the aisle everywhere from industrial lofts to the beach, from cathedrals to backyard canopies. I look forward to sharing some ideas and tips that I’ve gathered up along the way along with some fresh new thoughts each week that I hope you’ll find interesting, amusing and helpful.



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