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March 20, 2024

Beehive Cheese


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A few years ago, my wife treated me to an extra-special birthday present, a trip to Napa Valley and a meal from one of my personal idols, Chef Thomas Keller. (Chef Keller is the owner and chef of The French Laundry, a three-Michelin-star restaurant that Anthony Bourdain once called, “the best restaurant in the world, period.”) As expected, the meal was exquisite. My favorite moment came at the end of the meal when the waiter brought out a cheese flight for the guests to enjoy.

The second I saw those cheeses, I did a double take. One taste confirmed my suspicion; Chef Keller was serving selections from Utah’s own Beehive Cheese—the very same cheeses we had been featuring for years.

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Beehive Cheese

Our relationship with Beehive Cheese goes back to 2005 when they opened their doors in Uintah, Utah. That year they gave us a tour of their facility, and we were so inspired by their dedication to making great cheese that we formed a partnership on the spot.

Every year, our chefs gather ingredients for several new flavors of cheeses they want to create. Then we make the trek up to Ogden where Pat and his team generously share their knowledge and skill to guide us through the cheese-making process. It’s one of our favorite days of the year!

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Why is cheddar cheese orange?

All the cheeses we’ve made with Beehive Cheese start with a classic white Irish cheddar base. Wait, white cheddar? Isn’t cheddar supposed to be orange?

Actually, no.

Cheddar cheese, like the cow’s milk it’s made from, is naturally white. The orange cheddar that you see in stores contains coloring that’s been added to give it that characteristic hue. Why would cheesemakers go through the trouble of changing the color? The answer is history.

During the 1600s, milk made in England came from Jersey and Guernsey cows, two breeds that give milk with an unusually high fat content. During the summer when these cows ate a lot of green grass, their milkfat had a slight orange color due to the beta-carotene in their diet. That orange tint came to be a sign of high-quality, high-fat cheese.

It didn’t take long for unscrupulous cheesemakers to realize that they could make more money if they skimmed off the valuable cream and sold it to make butter. Then they added carrot juice or some other coloring to the milk to make it look like it still had that orange fat in it.

Over time, cheddar cheese came to be associated (at least in England and parts of the US) with a distinctive orange color. But don’t be fooled. The highest quality cheddars made today are often white.

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Beehive Cheese makes cheddar better

Over the years, we’ve made dozens of different flavors of cheddar with the help of Pat and the other culinary wizards at Beehive Cheese. We’ve learned that cheesemaking is equal parts art and science, with an added dash of luck.

Our favorite step of the process (other than tasting) is adding the flavors. After the curds have formed and been cut into slabs, they are layered on top of each other to press out the liquid whey, a process called “cheddaring.” When enough liquid has been removed, the curds are shredded into smaller chunks again. That’s the point at which we add the cracked pepper, tarragon, black truffles, or whatever seasoning we’re going to use. When the curds are pressed together into blocks, the ingredients will be diffused throughout the cheese in a beautiful marbling pattern.

Alternatively, sometimes we just add the ingredients as a rub on the outside of the wheel and let the flavors slowly seep into the cheese as it ages. That aging process can takes months or even years. The longer a cheese wheel is allowed to age, the more sugars the bacteria inside will consume, and the sharper and tangier the cheese will taste.

It takes time and patience to create a great cheddar, but when you do…it’s all worth it.

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Cheese Madness

This month, in honor of March Madness, we’ll be looking back at some of our favorite collaborative creations with Beehive Cheese.

Each day on our Facebook and Instagram stories, we’ll be posting info on a pair of our past cheesy creations. You can vote on which cheese should advance from our “Savory Sixteen” to the next round of voting, and we’ll continue until we’ve crowned a champion!

You can find links to our social media at the bottom of this page or our Home Page.

Wishing you all the delicious cheesiness.

Eat well.

November 2, 2023

Culinary Crafts Joins Rocky Mountain Bride’s Venue Collective


We are delighted to announce that Rocky Mountain Bride magazine has invited Culinary Crafts to join its 2024 vendor collective.

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The collective is an exclusive guide to the best wedding vendors and venues in the U.S. and Canadian Rockies. We are honored to be featured among this amazing group of wedding professionals. The 2024 vendor collective will also feature our in-house bartending service, Bacchus Event Services. It will include the two wedding venues that Culinary Crafts operates, the Kimball Terrace in Park City and the Tasting Room in downtown Salt Lake City.

Night wedding, stars, milky way, utah destination wedding, starry night, kissing under stars, Rocky Mountain Bride and groom

We’re also delighted that Rocky Mountain Bride is highlighting Utah’s extraordinary wedding and hospitality industry. As the only state in the U.S. to be awarded three Michelin stars (designating it an “exceptional destination” and “worth a special journey in itself”), Utah is ideal for destination weddings. We’re glad that people are discovering that Utah is a beautiful place to live, work, and celebrate...and to get married!

Watch for photos of our gorgeous weddings and special catered events.

Rocky Mountain Bride Featured Vendor

July 18, 2023

Wedding Cake Catastrophes (and How to Avoid Them)


Let’s talk wedding cakes. Specifically, wedding cake catastrophes.

Over the last 35+ years that we’ve been catering weddings, we’ve seen all kinds of cakes, from small and simple to enormous, elaborate creations that belong in an art gallery. Whatever type you choose, your wedding cake will be an expression of your personality and style, as well as a special way of sharing your love and appreciation with your guests. No one wants to see your day ruined by something going wrong with your cake.

But, once in a while, that’s exactly what happens!

We talked to three experts about the horror stories they’ve seen and their advice for how to avoid wedding cake catastrophes. Ale Wortmann is the owner of cake by Alessandra and one of our very favorite cake vendors in Utah. Ryan Crafts is, of course, our COO and co-owner of Culinary Crafts. Cassidy Harrison is the owner of Flour & Flourish and the genius behind their real-as-life sugar flowers. Honestly, even up close, you’d swear those things are real! Check out these examples of her work:

sugar flowers, wedding cakes, flour and flourish, realistic flowers, cake flowers, Utah wedding, Utah caterer, Wedding cake vendor, Utah baker, round cakes, wedding cake with fondant, red, pink, orangs, yellow flowers, Cassidy Harrison

Here’s what the experts had to say.

1. The Sun Is Not Your Friend

Cassidy told us about one of her wedding cake nightmares. Once, she delivered a four-tier buttercream cake to the venue and noticed that the cake table had been set up in full sunlight. It was late in the evening, but there were still a couple of hours before sunset. Cassidy warned the planner that the cake table needed to be moved, but the bride was adamant that she wanted it under the gazebo. There was no way to change the bride’s mind, so Cassidy hurried home to dress for the wedding. (The bride was a family friend.)

When she returned 45 minutes later, the whole wedding party was in a panic. People mobbed Cassidy, apologizing over and over, "The cake! I'm so sorry! The cake!" Sure enough, it looked like a melted candle.

melted cake, wedding cake catastrophe, melting fondant, cake in sun, wedding cake fail, four and flourish, hot cake, Utah wedding cake, wedding cake disaster, outdoor wedding

“Ever since then,” Cassidy says, “I've been really stern about moving the cake table.” Her advice is “Listen to your cake artist about not putting the cake in the sun on a 96-degree day. We aren't being annoying for no reason. Nobody wants a melty cake at their wedding.”

2. Be Careful About Taking Your Cake Outside

“Outdoor pictures are amazing,” Ale says, “but don’t leave your cake outside very long. Even the shade is hot during our Utah summer months. These cakes are made with butter . Fondant also has buttercream underneath, and it will melt, bubble, and crack in the heat.” Leaving your cake outside on a hot day is probably going to ruin it, even if you avoid direct sunlight. Your best bet is to set up your cake indoors and keep it away from any heat sources. (Cakes have been known to melt indoors just from being placed too close to a sunny window.) But heat isn’t the only danger your cake can face in the great outdoors. Rain, wind, squirrels, ants, leaves, dust, dogs, and other outdoor factors can all lead to wedding cake catastrophes.

pepper nix photography, cake by alessandra, Utah wedding cakes, stained glass window cake, red rose cake, chrysanthemum cake.  three-tier cake, wedding cake

3. Don’t Move the Cake

“Transport is the hardest part,” Ryan says. “Most mishaps happen when someone is moving the cake.”

One of Culinary Crafts’ most harrowing cake-moving experiences was a few years ago when a groom insisted on having a 17-tier cake. That’s right; 17 tiers, and each one had to be a different flavor! It took four team members just to carry it, and we had to move it in pieces, four tiers at a time. Everything went well, but nerves were definitely wracked that day!

Our experts advised against trying to move the cake yourself, including delivering it to the venue. Many times, Ale has been horrified to see a client show up to take their cake in a car filled with balloons, kids, and dogs. (Yes, dogs!) “Please don’t,” she says. “The cake is structured to travel well; however, once it leaves our hands, we can’t be responsible anymore.”

Just pay the delivery fee; we promise, it’s worth every penny. Not only will your cake be handled by the experts who made it, but they will be there at delivery to set it up properly and to fix any issues that may have arisen during transport.

4. Keep It Level

Ale’s next piece of advice is “Make sure your cake table is leveled. Even a slight tip on the table can create a huge impact on tiered cakes, especially on tall ones.”

“One time we had this gorgeous five-tier cake,” Ale remembers. “We did all we could to make it level, but this one was quite tricky. I kept tabs on it all night long. I knew the chef at this restaurant, so I kept asking about the cake, and like I told the client about two hours in, the cake was a Leaning Tower of Pisa. No kidding…. I am just glad it never tipped!!!”

If, despite our experts’ advice, you’re going to have your cake outside for a significant length of time, it’s even more important that you check the table for levelness. Don’t just eyeball the table and assume that it’s “good enough.” Ryan will never forget the anguish of watching the legs of a cake table slowly sink into the soggy ground after a rainstorm. Save yourself a lot of stress and grief by putting your cake on a safe, solid, level surface to begin with.

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5. Work With an Experienced Cake Vendor

The best way to protect against wedding cake catastrophes is to work with an expert. Ryan’s advice is, “Choose a cake vendor/baker who has been around for a while. A newcomer might be able to make a cake that’s just as beautiful and delicious, but will they be familiar with all the issues that can arise? Driving on Utah roads? Adjusting to Utah weather?”

A few years ago, Ryan worked with a bride whose mother insisted that she wanted to make her daughter’s wedding cake. She created a gorgeous four-tier cake covered with amazing sugar roses. On the day of the wedding, she wrapped every rose individually in tissue paper and drove the whole thing from St George up to the State Capitol.

They set up the cake at the top of the granite staircase, and it was stunning! Unfortunately, there were problems with the cake right away. The recipe she’d used for the buttercream was too soft, so even in the air-conditioned room, the cake started to sag. As the ballroom filled with guests, they heard a crash that sounded like a wine goblet being smashed on the staircase, then another and another. They looked up to see that the delicate sugar flowers that the bride’s mother had so carefully crafted were sliding off the cake and crashing to the floor. Then the whole cake buckled and started to lean.

How to Handle Wedding Cake Catastrophes

Ryan raced up the stairs and got to the cake at the same moment as the mom. Together, they caught the cake and held it up with their bare hands. The mom was in tears. She wanted to redo the cake, but Ryan said, “It doesn’t look like this cake is dowelled,” and when she responded, “I don’t know what that means,” he knew the cake was doomed.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” he said. “We’ll walk this cake down the stairs and behind the curtain to our back of house. My team will take off the top tier, and when you’ve had a chance to redecorate it, we’ll bring that tier back up the stairs for display. My chefs will save the parts that can be salvaged, and we’ll serve those to your guests.”

So that’s what they did, and as heart-breaking as it was to see the mother’s work of love collapse, it didn’t ruin the evening. Would a more experienced cake-maker have known that they needed to reinforce the cake with dowels and dividing supports? Sure. And they probably would have used a different buttercream recipe, and the whole incident might have been avoided. But kudos to that mother for showing her daughter such love by (a) making a magnificent cake and (b) not letting the cake’s demise overshadow the wedding.

And that leads us to our final piece of advice….

Utah wedding cakes, cake by alessandra, Ale Wortmann, Culinary Crafts, wedding cakes in Utah, unique wedding cakes, rock cake. filigree cake, airbrushed cake, stone cake, realistic cake

6. Don’t Lose Perspective

You may do everything right—you may work with an experienced vendor who makes a structurally sound cake; you may keep it indoors and away from the heat; you may set it on a level surface and not move it—and something could still go wrong. The A/C could go out. An unattended child can start licking the frosting. A freak draft of wind could knock a decoration into your beautiful cake. Those unexpected things don’t happen very often, but if they do, it’s important to keep your perspective and not let the day be ruined.

Believe us, after nearly four decades of working in Utah’s catering industry, we’ve done a lot of weddings and seen a lot of surprises. We know how important it is to absorb setbacks, adapt on the fly, and make things work. Even if there’s not a problem with your cake, the flowers will arrive late, or the bride’s dress will snag, or Uncle Kenny will show up inebriated. Whatever goes wrong, keep your cool and don’t let your focus be taken from what really matters.

It might help to repeat this mantra to yourself: “The difference between a catastrophe and a great story is just a bit of time and a little perspective.”

Congratulations to all the couples preparing to cut their wedding cakes this summer. Bon chance! And eat well.

August 15, 2017

An Aspen Meadows EXCLUSIVE!


Have you heard the news? Culinary Crafts is honored to now be the EXCLUSIVE caterer at Aspen Meadows, a beautiful venue in the mountains of Utah that is perfect for the destination bride. To celebrate we thought we would give you a taste of a wedding we had at Aspen Meadows a little over a year ago that also happens to be of one of our favorite couples, Charly and Carley! Photos by Carla Boecklin Photography. P.S. Charly recently wrote a book! It's an entertaining conversation activity book for couples, which is now available on Kickstarter for only the next two weeks! The book, called Very Engaging, makes for a perfect engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift, or just a fabulous date night with your partner! You can pre-order a copy today by simply clicking here. Congrats to this wonderful couple!

March 24, 2017

ICAEF Scholarship Recipient Spotlight


Heather Carr: Driven to Perfection
For seven months, the team at Footers Catering in Denver introduced their Executive Sous Chef, Heather Carr, to clients as a contestant on an upcoming episode of Chopped, the popular Food Network show, not knowing if she had won or not. Even on the day of the viewing party that Footers threw for friends, family and clients, no one, except Carr, knew what the outcome would be. That wasn’t really a surprise to anyone as we all know somewhat how reality TV works these days with their iron-clad non-disclosure agreements and months between the final shows and when they air. Footers owners, Anthony and April Lambatos and the team were happily surprised when Carr won. But there were also some unexpected elements in store for Carr. “I was surprised watching it how much I didn’t remember doing,” she said the day after the show aired. “The camera lights were hot and I was in the zone.” She might not remember the ingredients or her techniques, but her focus during the cooking was laser sharp. “I focused on my own work, not on the competition,” she recalled. “I was hard on myself each round.” That’s the attitude it takes to win. However, at the end of the day, it’s about winning the long game for Carr. “Winning Chopped is a career highlight for sure, but it was a cooking competition,” she said. “It’s just one day in many, and it’s about the luck of what you are given. It’s not everything about who I am. To me, speaking at Catersource, being an ICAEF scholarship winner – twice now – and mentoring other chefs is of more value.” And that’s what it is about the 25-year-old that has made her a winner in the catering industry. Carr is someone who takes advantage of every opportunity that comes her way, and is sure enough to be herself in every situation – her shaved hairstyle and tattoo sleeve of vegetables -- tells you that even before you talk to her. She began cooking in college. As a lacrosse player at University of New Hampshire (where she is from) her practice schedule kept her from working. So she made a deal with her roommates that if they bought the groceries, she’d cook. Laughing, she recalled, “I was pretty bad at first. I got better and never stopped. I’ve been cooking professionally for the entire six years since.” After attending Johnson & Wales in Denver, she moved to Los Angeles for a year. While there she worked for a boutique catering firm and won her first ICAEF Scholarship. This enabled her to attend Catersource where she heard great things about Footers. Wanting to return to Denver, she set her sights on working for them, which of course she did. Once again, she won the ICAEF Scholarship (applicants are allowed to enter and win a maximum of two times). This time around she was mentored by Keith Lord, Executive Chef of Wild Thyme in San Diego, and this year’s winner of ICA’s Chef of the Year Award at the ICA CATIE Awards during Catersource. “He really opened doors for me,” Carr said. “We clicked on how we approach food.” Eight months later they presented together at the Art of Catering Food in Washington, D.C. on upcycling, the art of reusing discarded food product to create a dish or sauce of the same, if not better, quality than the original. This year at Catersource, they presented together yet again. Next time around, Carr is ready to go it alone. As someone who learned cooking to pay her rent, Carr wants others who enter the field to understand the foundation of the cooking process and how something as simple as emulsification of a vinaigrette, for instance, translates to many other cooking techniques. “I want to mentor others and teach them all the things I wished I had learned when I began,” she said. Her philosophy is to make something work, rather than make excuses of why it can’t. “I try to find success and meaning in what I’m doing now instead of thinking if it will be bad or good for my career. I won’t let anything stop me.” Obviously, this Carr is revved up and going places. International Caterers Association Educational Foundation (ICAEF) Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

January 17, 2017

We catered a Surprise Pop-up wedding at The Tasting Room!


The bride and groom, Angie and Scott, wanted to create a spontaneous and carefree wedding experience for themselves and their friends and family. Boy, did they succeed with this surprise wedding! They told their guests they were invited to a dinner to share great food and great times with friends and family. When the guests arrived, to their astonishment, they found out it was actually a wedding...Angie and Scott were to married then and there! We give special thanks to their wedding photographer, Steve Speckman, for sharing his beautiful photos with us. Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City To create a calm and natural ambiance the chairs were decorated with sage branches and soft white ribbon. AngieAndScott'sWedding054 Having pulled off their first “caper” as husband and wife, the bride and groom shared a congratulatory kiss in the gallery. Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City After the ceremony guests were seated at tables adorned with succulents in rustic wood boxes and gold mercury glass votives echoing the natural ambiance of the patio. Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City Guests were delighted with their 4-course Pop-up wedding dinner! Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City Mary Crafts-Homer introduced each course, explaining the nuances of the ingredients and preparations. Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City At Pop-up Dinners, guests can watch our chef's cook and plate everything! Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City Angie and Scott were able to make their rounds to talk to their wedding guests during the first course. Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City After enjoying passed hors d'oeuvres, guests were served a fresh green salad with Parmesan, lemon vinaigrette, and lemon zest. Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City For the second course, we served the ultimate comfort food: Mary's homemade meatballs and spaghetti with shaved Parmesan! Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City How incredible does this grilled prime filet look?! It's topped with melon salsa and served over balsamic potatoes, leeks, and asparagus. Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City For their fourth course, everyone enjoyed a tasting of Utah cheeses, honey comb, and apple as well as a wine and cheese napoleon on a brioche crostini.   Angie and Scott's surprise wedding at the Tasting Room in Salt Lake City For dessert guests enjoyed petite chocolate fudge wedding cakes with raspberry coulis and edible gold dust sprinkles, served with home made caramel gelato on the side. All in all – this was a Pop-up Wedding success!

April 26, 2016

Rocky Mountain Bride Inspiration Shoot


Today, we have an AMAZING inspiration shoot that we did in collaboration with Leslie Dawn Events and Rocky Mountain Bride for RMB's Volume 1 that was released earlier this year!  It was a beautiful, romantic Roaring 20's style shoot - which was perfectly set at the McCune Mansion.  Bursting with beautiful jewel tones, rich gold, decadent food, and moody romance, and J Fairchild Photography captured it all perfectly!  Check it out! RMB_20sInspirationShoot To start, we love this invitation suite from Foil & Ink with gorgeous calligraphy by Karli Noel Calligraphy.  So pretty! RMB_20sInspirationShoot2 Now, on to the main event!  Look at this breathtaking tablescape.  I mean, how beautiful is this?!  We love the design by Leslie Dawn Events and the gorgeous florals from Sax Romney.  A perfect pairing, for sure! RMB_20sInspirationShoot3 The mix n' matched placesettings were such a great way to add another visual element to the table.  And the place card design fit seamlessly as well.  LOVE! RMB_20sInspirationShoot4 A perfect romantic, candlelit moment. RMB_20sInspirationShoot5 We had so much fun with this menu!  For starters, we served a Lamb & Mint Pesto Lollipop and an Artichoke Lollipop.  Yum! RMB_20sInspirationShoot6 Next, we served a cheese and wine pairing featuring a amuse bouche of Bosc Pear, Deer Valley Double Cream Brie, Fresh Thyme, and Fig.  So good!  We also served a Mixed Green Salad with Asian Pears, Candied Walnuts, and Berries in an elegant, vintage-style champagne glass. RMB_20sInspirationShoot8 Last, but not least, we served Chocolate Mousse Cups with Gold Leafing and a pair of Pistachio Macarons.  And this art deco cake from Flour & Flourish was another AMAZING dessert offering! RMB_20sInspirationShoot7 The McCune Mansion is such a beautiful venue and has so many great spaces for photo ops. RMB_20sInspirationShoot9 For a 'late-night' snack we also served Cocktail Shrimp with Gazpacho.  Plus, how pretty is the bar?  Love the draping florals and mirror signage!  So much beauty going on! RMB_20sInspirationShoot10 We absolutely LOVED being a part of this shoot and had so much fun with this AMAZING vendor team!  Also, make sure that you check out Rocky Mountain Bride's Volume 1 - it is seriously SO stunning!  Happy dreaming, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! VENDORS - Venue: McCune Mansion // Design & Planning: Leslie Dawn Events // Photography: J Fairchild Photography // Catering: Culinary Crafts // Vintage Rentals: Refined Vintage Events // Rentals: Diamond Rentals // Signs & Calligraphy: Karli Noel Calligraphy // Paper Goods: Foil & Ink // Cake: Flour & Flourish // Florals: Sax Romney // Bride's Dress & Accessories: The Perfect Dress // Bridesmaid's Dress: Shabby Apple // Hair: Hair Creations by Natalie // Makeup: Brynn Thomas Makeup // Live Music: Gold Standard Music // Menswear: Urbana Custom Clothier // Model Agency: NIYA Model Management // Models: Jon Clark, Breylan W, Margot O'Leary

February 24, 2016

Utah Bride Blog’s 2016 Spring Editorial Feature


Culinary Crafts absolutely LOVES editorials.  They really let us showcase upcoming trend and flex our creative muscles - and when we team up with AMAZING vendors who are also trying to go all out, well, it is just MAGIC.  This editorial we did for Utah Bride Blog is no exception.  It is all around magic!!!  We were so happy with how beautiful it turned out and wanted to share it with all of you!  First up, we are going to whet your appetite with this beautiful video from Red Tie Cinema (seriously, so pretty!!!)  Then stay tuned for us to share the delectable edibles we created for the shoot!  Here's the re-post from Utah Bride Blog! "Good morning February! We are going to warm your hearts up all week with a dive into our most current mag issue’s editorial feature! Abound with spring inspiration this one is a real beauty and like with most of our editorials we have been waiting with anticipation to share! We are kicking off the week with a look at the film, courtesy of Red Tie Cinema. The perfect artistic sampling of what you will get to see over the next week created by one of the very best wedding film producers in the state! Dustin joined a top notch team for this one and we are so glad he did!
 Stay tuned for more pretty coming up!  We LOVE this shoot and we just know you will too!  Happy dreaming, everyone!
Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

January 20, 2016

Gorgeous Tuscan Romance Inspiration Shoot!


We have another STUNNER to show you today!  As you know, Culinary Crafts LOVES inspiration shoots and this one was close to our very own Mary Crafts-Homer's heart.  Inspired by the natural, rustic beauty of Tuscany Mary & Kristina Curtis of Kristina Curtis Photography dreamt up this beauty of a day and it's brimming with gorgeous greens, abundant florals, and, of course, delicious food.  Check it out! TuscanInspCC How amazing is this antique limo?  LOVE IT - And it totally sets the tone for this gorgeous day! TuscanInspCC2 This Villa was the most picturesque location for our shoot.  We love, love, love the natural beauty it boasted. TuscanInspCC3 A well-dressed couple is always a must, in my book.  The beautiful beading of this dress (from Bridal Closet) and the soft navy blue of the suit were a match made in heaven. TuscanInspCC4 Isn't this tablescape dreamy?  I mean, who wouldn't want to relax and catch up with their guests in this intimate, beautiful space??? TuscanInspCC5 Diamond Rental always has the prettiest stuff - and this grey farmhouse table with gold silverware and gold accented tableware was no exception!  Plus, check out that menu from West End Girl.  AH-mazing. TuscanInspCC6 To tie in with the natural flair of this shoot, a single pear was used as a garnish for the place cards.  It was such a great fit for the look we were going for and added a subtle pop of color amidst Calie Rose's BREATHTAKING floral design.  So pretty! TuscanInspCC7 Naturally, Culinary Crafts wanted to start the meal with gorgeous artisan-made breads.  These individual mini loaves were perfect and such a unique element!  Plus, how pretty are the blue glasses mised with the florals at this table?!? TuscanInspCC8 More of the dreamy tablescape.  I seriously am IN LOVE with all of this! TuscanInspCC9 West End Girl did a fantastic job of creating an invitation suite that felt like the perfect addition to this design.  Rustic, refined, and organic, these pieces were amazing.  Plus, look at this couple!  Stunning.  The. End. TuscanInspCC10 Of course, you can't have a Tuscan themed shoot without adding an Italian flair to the food!  A little bit from Mary Crafts-Homer about this: "It was like going home to design the food elements of a serene afternoon outside of Florence where wedding guests would embrace around a table of artisan cheeses, salumi, fruits, and loaves of fresh baked breads....ah, to be in Tuscany again..."  Simply beautiful. TuscanInspCC11 I love the color and beauty in this table.  Such a fun menu! TuscanInspCC12 Last, but certainly not least, this simple yet stunning cake was made by Annie Bee Cakery, and we are in LOVE!  It tied in so well to all of the other elements, and was delicious to boot! Also, for another little extra dreamy inspiration from this day, check out this video from the shoot by Krissi Cook Films (located here)!  Just lovely! Thank you to all of the AMAZING vendors who participated in this inspiration shoot!  It truly was an amazing day and turned out even more beautifully than we could've imagined!  Happy dreaming, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at! Photography: Kristina Curtis Photography // Food: Culinary Crafts // Florals: Calie Rose // Venue: The Villa  // Invitations: West End Girl // Cake: Annie Bee Cakery // Dress: Bridal Closet // Hair: Hair Pin Diaries // Makeup: KL Artistry // Video: Krissi Cook Films // Dinnerware & Table: Diamond Rental // Limo: Antique Limo of Utah

January 19, 2016

A Destination Rustic Chic Celebration at Red Cliff Ranch!


Today, we have a BEAUTY of a wedding that was held at the gorgeous venue, Red Cliff Ranch, and designed by the ever-so-talented FUSE Weddings & Events team!  It is one of Culinary Crafts favorites - and we think it'll be one of your too!  Check it out! LavidgeWeddingCC Nick and Kate's wedding celebration was one that just kept giving!  With 150 destination guests, the family was going to make sure their guests did not leave disappointed - and what a party it was! LavidgeWeddingCC2 The guests stepped off the shuttle to be greeted by breathtaking 360-degree views and once they arrived at the ceremony site, they were seated beneath the gorgeous red rocks that give Red Cliff Ranch it's name.  AMAZING! LavidgeWeddingCC4 On this hot summer day, Culinary Crafts wanted to make sure the guests stayed satiated - and we delivered with a gourmet lavender- and ginger-infused Lemonade Bar and a variety of passed hors d'oeuvres like mango shrimp lollipops.  Yum! LavidgeWeddingCC3 Isn't this cocktail hour space lovely?  Fuse Weddings & Events ALWAYS makes venues even more beautiful spaces! LavidgeWeddingCC5 The cocktail hour not only had scrumptious passed hors d'oeuvres, but a glorious display of local artisan cheeses and honey. LavidgeWeddingCC6 The beauty of the communal dining table in the stables always takes guests's breath away - and this event was no exception. LavidgeWeddingCC7 Love these rustic details - the woodcut place cards and leather woven menu cards were PERFECT for this ranch chic wedding! LavidgeWeddingCC8 LavidgeWeddingCC9 How BEAUTIFUL is this couple!?  Such a happy day!!! LavidgeWeddingCC10 For the dinner buffet, Culinary Crafts served mesquite-grilled trout with Moroccan tomato jam, hand-carved grilled flank steak served with house chimichurri sauce, grilled seasonal veggies tossed with pesto and served with hummus, quinoa salad, mac and cheese with butter-crusted Panko breadcrumbs drizzled with white truffle oil, roasted cauliflower salad, and house-made artisan breads with sea-salt butter blocks.  Seriously an AMAZING menu for this AMAZING wedding! LavidgeWeddingCC11 Following dinner the surprises continued with candy stations, s'mores, whiskey and cigar bars, games, desserts, and dancing! LavidgeWeddingCC13 LavidgeWeddingCC12 Check out these desserts!  Deconstructed Dutch apple and lemon meringue pies in individual mason jars AND gourmet mini sugar doughnuts??  I'll take one of each, please. This wedding was seriously STUNNING and showcased two of our favorite vendor partners - Red Cliff Ranch and FUSE Weddings & Events!  If you are dreaming of a ranch wedding this year, call Culinary Crafts at 801.225.6575 because there are only a handful of dates left at Red Cliff Ranch for 2016!  Happy planning, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

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