December 8, 2011

Christmas Cookie Recipe | Food Theory Thursday


Today, I'd like to share a Christmas Cookie Recipe that has been in my family for generations upon generations.  When I was a little kid I vividly remember being so excited every year around Christmas (not only because I was a kid and it was, you know, Christmas) but because that also meant we were going to make Pizzelles!  You may not have heard of them before, but let me assure you, they are amazing, and one of the oldest known cookies in the world.  These are one of my FAVORITE cookies and are definitely perfect for the holidays!  These Italian treats are usually adorned with a gorgeous pattern which is made by the pizzelle iron used to create these flat thin cookies.  They have a good shelf life, which make them great for gifts.  They are usually flavored with anise or vanilla and are just slightly sweet, which makes them tasty on their own, fabulous with coffee, or even better with Nutella or honey drizzled on them.  I wish I had some right now! :)  Here's the recipe! Check out our NEW website at!

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