January 26, 2012

Ciabatta Bread Station | Food Theory Thursday


One of the most delicious and awesome stations that Culinary Crafts offers is the Grilled Ciabatta Station!  This station (pictured above from Mary Crafts-Homer's wedding reception) is always a hit and provides guests with a myriad of choices to pair with these delicious breads.  From silky goat cheese, to savory sun dried tomato chutney, to sweet balsamic fig chutney, and a selection of  gourmet Beehive Cheeses, you have a mouth-watering array of delightful choices for your guests to nosh on!  Not to mention, we grill our homemade ciabatta bread on site, over mesquite wood chips for optimum flavor and smell!  Yum!  This is also an option that pairs well with nearly ANY menu (and the pairings can be changed to suit your tastes).  Plus, its a relatively inexpensive way to add something extra to your wedding or event food offerings!  It is seriously one of my favorite stations and I think a great option to please the palette of many people!  Happy planning everyone! Check out our NEW website at! Photos courtesy of Pepper Nix Photography and Logan Walker with ZumaPhoto

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