March 9, 2012

Consignment Store Love | Favorite Finds Friday


Today, I'd like to share with you some of Culinary Crafts's favorite consignment stores!  Consignment stores are excellent places for one-of-a-kind items that can add amazing detail to your event.   I mean, look at the gorgeous Culinary Crafts events we've had when the couple found AMAZING pieces (pictured above)!  A vintage typewriter, weathered milk crates for flower arrangements, glass vessels for a whimsical candy table, birdcage candle holders, or the DIY cake stands turned flower stands that make a table so beautiful!  There is so much to be found at these stores, whether you are wanting to re-purpose a piece (in the case of the DIY cake stands) or not.  Our very own Mary Crafts-Homer and Holly Fowler frequent only the best stores to make sure their events are out of this world!  From something like a mini red pedal car for a UMFA Gala (whose theme was 'Speed' -LOVE IT!) to the more traditional finds of silver candelabras or suitcases - these stores have it all.  Their favorites?  Well, the top 3 are definitely Now & Again, Home Again, and Emilie Jayne!  Happy hunting everyone! Check out our NEW website at! Photo credit: Logan Walker of CAKE photography

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