February 8, 2012

Creative Signage & Guest Book Alternatives | Trendy Tuesday


We at Culinary Crafts are so fortunate to help create some of the most beautiful weddings in Utah!  Over the years, we see trends come and go, but our favorite trend that seems to be prevalent in all of the most special weddings is the personal touches a bride and groom add to make the event truly 'them'!  From signage, to decor, to guest books (or a alternative), and more - all of these are details we love seeing and really take an event up a notch.  This wedding, which was DEFINITELY a favorite of ours, is chock full with personal touches - and we are in LOVE!  Take a look! These hand painted rustic signs are beautiful and informative!  This adds to the style of the wedding which had vintage touches throughout.  We also love the whimsical signage above the bench, complete with pictures of the happy couple!  And the boats (which you may recognize for Utah Bride and Groom Magazine) were hand made by the talented bride!  So cute! We love the typewriter - and using it to have the guests lend a loving wish or great advice is an amazing way to have your guests leave a personal note that the couple can cherish for many years to come! We have been seeing a lot of alternative ideas to the traditional 'guest book' where the guests just sign their names - not a very personal reminder of all the most important people you've invited to share this day!  This wedding's idea is definitely a favorite!  The couple wanted to create a "family tree" and had each guest lend their thumbprint to the tree and sign their name.  What a fantastic way to show your new family coming together!  We love it! I hope this give you some ideas to personalize your special day!  Happy planning! Check out our NEW website at!

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