March 8, 2013

Culinary Crafts on Small Fry Blog! | Favorite Finds Friday


This gorgeous photography by Alyssa Vincent Photography via Small Fry Hello all!  We are pleased as punch to share this "Little Foodies" feature that Small Fry blog posted this past week!  Our chef, Marco Niccoli, led these Little Foodies on a culinary adventure to make some pretty awesome (and delicious) wood fired pizzas - complete with instruction on hand tossing the pizza crust, adding any toppings you could imagine, and baking it.  These kids were seriously gifted and created some good-lookin' pizza.  Yum!  Also make sure to check out Small Fry.  I love their style, attention to detail, and super creative ideas!  Happy Friday everyone! To find more awesome catering and food ideas, check out our website at!

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