July 27, 2009

Culinary Crafts Serves the Community


     So much of our business is about service. We are constantly working on serving others and making each experience with us a great one. This year Culinary Crafts had the opportunity to go serve and build up the community that has built us up for so many years.  The opportunity we chose was to work in the Food Bank Community Garden. This is an amazing project that really benefits the surrounding cities by letting people who are in need of it, have a small area of land to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and so on.  I live in an apartment and don’t have a patch of dirt or even enough sunlight to grow anything, so I think this is a fantastic idea. 

     Marcie, the young lady in charge of the project, put the three of us straight to work. First thing we were able to do was dig a hole for a hose rack to be placed in so the hoses used to water the garden were not laying on the ground for people to trip over.  Orem and Provo have to be two of the rockiest places in Utah.  The rocks may be difficult to dig up but they came in handy in securing the post in the ground so no concrete was needed.  Next, we moved on to clearing an area in front of the fence so that it could be beautified by planting flowers and creating room for parking when people come to tend their gardens.  The ground was hard and dry, dust was flying everywhere and everyone including a family of 5 that showed up a little later, was having a great time.  The hour we were there went by too quickly and we made sure they would give us a call when they got more hose posts.  Mary and I don’t like to leave any project unfinished.   I personally walked a way happy, hot and sweaty but grateful for the opportunity to serve more than just food.

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