June 14, 2016

A Culinary Crafts’s Pop Up Dinner with a BBQ Flare!


Culinary Crafts Pop Up Restaurants are one of our favorite things to plan for because we get to be so creative and over the top and really go wild with food.  (Speaking of which, you still can get tickets for our next Pop Up Restaurant on June 18th - but you should hurry!  Click here for tickets.)  Even on the wildest of menus, we still love to break out our BBQ and grill up some dishes for our guests!  Continuing on our theme of barbecues, we are going to show you that even a elevated dining experience can have BBQ inspiration.  Check it out! CC_PopUpSnuckFarm We love Snuck Farm so much!  Not only do they have top notch quality produce, but it's a lovely venue too!  Perfect for this Farm-to-Table Culinary Crafts Pop Up Restaurant. CC_PopUpSnuckFarm2 For this dinner tablescape, we wanted to keep the palette natural and tie in rustic elements that marry the tables with the beautiful space we were in.  It turned out perfectly, don't you think?! CC_PopUpSnuckFarm3 For our Pop Ups, we go ALL OUT and this was no exception.  Our Hors D'oeuvres were a casual favorite you might serve at a barbecue that we brought to the next level - Gourmet Deviled Eggs (which were sourced from 3 Chicks Eggs) with a selection of toppings including Wasabi, Caviar, and Sundried Tomatoes.  Yum!  We also took one of the iconic barbecue staples, beautiful tomatoes from Snuck Farm, and we served a Tomato Quartet showcasing their tomatoes 4 ways!  Firstly, Roasted Heirloom Roma Tomatoes with Martino's Roma and Russian Big Red Roma tomatoes.  Next, a Tomato Aspic with Sweet Cherry Tomatoes.  Third, a Tomato Confit with a Rosemary & Sundried Tomato Cracker.  And last, but not least, Fresh Slices of Heirloom Tomato with a simple garnish of Sea Salt.  So delicious! CC_PopUpSnuckFarm4 Of course, one of the main attractions of these dinners is watching the Culinary Crafts team prep the meal in front of your eyes!  So, with this in mind, we served house made Flat Breads that we fired in the on-site Wood Burning Oven and served them with Utah Sea Salt Butter and Snuck Farm Sugar Pumpkin Spread.  We love showcasing the freshness and skill we bring to every element of our menus! CC_PopUpSnuckFarm6 The Snuck Farm Baby Butterheads Salad was a symphony of garden varietals.  Butter Lettuce topped with Sliced Yellow Beets, Dragon Tongue Purple Beans from One Seed Garden AND Basil Wrapped Nori Sushi with Cucumber, Carrot, and Wasabi with Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette.  So yummy!  The soup was another creative tour de force!  Chilled Snuck Farm Cucumber Pea Soup with Basil Creme Fraiche, Snow Pea, and Snuck Farm Beet Mousse.  Such a colorful and delicious pair! CC_PopUpSnuckFarm5 Isn't the venue SOOOO pretty?  Our guests LOVED the setting and the food (of course)! CC_PopUpSnuckFarm8 Now, with Culinary Crafts hosting this Pop Up Restaurant, you might expect 1 show stopping entree, but you'd be wrong.  We had 2 AMAZING entrees!  Number 1, our Sous Vide Pinwheel Chicken Roulade with Peach Cashew Butter Filling, Whipped Cashew Creme, and Couscous with Lavender.  A light and earthy plate! CC_PopUpSnuckFarm7 Like I said, even in our highest end menus, we love offering a barbecued element.  So, our 2nd entree was Grilled Angus Strip Steak with Cremini Mushroom Bearnaise, Snuck Farm Kale Sauteed with Shallots, and Reduced Carrot Juice.  Gorgeous! CC_PopUpSnuckFarm9 Lastly, we rounded out the decadent dinner with a lovely, local cheese course and then a fresh and decadent dessert - that was grilled too!  The cheese flight was a trio of Beehive Cheese's Promontory, Deer Valley's Triple Creme Umbrian Truffle, and Gold Creek's Smoked Parmesan paired with Rosemary Crostini and Black Pepper Lavoche garnished with Fresh Cherries.  After that yummy plate, we finished with Grilled Utah County Peaches and Chocolate Chip Shortcake with Rosehill Dairy Chocolate Whipped Cream.  SO beyond delicious! We hope this inspires you to get creative and barbecue some delicious eats of your own!  Also, if you were left wishing you'd attended this Pop Up Restaurant, never fear!  You can still get tickets for our next one this weekend on the 18th!  (Click here for tickets.)  Plus, we will be releasing even more dates for upcoming Pop Up Restaurants and you don't want to miss out!  Happy barbecuing, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

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