September 15, 2010

Culinary Gives Back


Hi all!  I know I've already posted about the United Way Day of Caring, but I thought it might be nice to show some photographs from our service there and also share with you something about our own Mary Crafts and the organization Women In Philanthropy.  Here is a little bit of background about how she got started:

"There was a time when the comforts I now enjoy seemed so far out of reach while my little family struggled with the basic necessities of life.  During the winter of 1984, we survived on the kindness of this community and the loving embrace of our neighbors.  This experience, though humbling, left me changed forever, and set my feet upon a path of service in an attempt to lift others as I had been lifted.  In the following years, my catering work provided many opportunities to assist those in need particularly within the realm of my church service.  However, I became aware of a greater need beyond my immediate circle of friends and church family.  The time had come for me to expand my vision and see the larger picture of service outside my immediate neighborhood and into a broader range of cultures and economic levels."

Enter Women In Philanthropy.  This organization is a committed group of women who are actively involved in making a difference in the community.  Mary's involvement in this organization along with the United Way has truly been an amazing service to everyone it touches.  Through her work, she has lead Culinary Crafts by example and taught us that we should always be giving of ourselves through service to our community at every opportunity.  Here are some pictures of our team doing just that!

Today I invite you to find way you can give back to your community.  As Mary says, "As we reach out a hand to one, we reach out a hand to all!"

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