January 17, 2012

Dessert Trend: Cake Bites | Trendy Tuesday


Dessert trends come and go.  You've seen them.  Chocolate fountains, cupcakes, whoopie pies, and even traditional tiered cakes with traditional piping embellishments - all have come and gone.  With sad goodbyes we bid adieu to our favorite wedding treats, but we also welcome the new decadent delight with open arms!  And I am here to tell you, Cake Bites are it.  Now, I must admit, I have had a "cake bite" here and there before.  Every time I had one, it was a dry, overly sweet confection that no one at the reception would finish.  It was like a war zone with the half eaten pops lying on plates that had been forgotten.  This is not the Cake Bite I speak of.  The movement to a gourmet and flavorful Cake Bite has begun - full of moist cake, flavorful frosting, and rich chocolate.  And let me tell you, Culinary Crafts is knocking this treat out of the park (of course!)   Take a look at our flavors! We can customize every cake bite to your favorite flavor and also decorate them to match your perfect wedding color palette.  Even the tag (shown above on the left) can be customized with your monogram, custom logo, or a message to your guests!  What a perfect way to add a nod of traditional cake, with a fun and modern twist!  The possibilities are endless!  Happy planning! Check out our NEW website at! Photo credits for top photo board starting from left: CC Cake Bite from CAKE photography, chocolate almond cake bites from Marielle Hayes, cake bite assortment from Style Me Pretty, chocolate coconut cake from BabyCakes, bride and groom cake bites via Etsy

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