February 1, 2012

DIY Backdrops | Wednesday Wisdom


Today, I am thrilled that our newest addition, Holly Fowler, wanted to share some of her favorite ideas for a fun and creative DIY backdrop/accent wall!  Take it away, Holly! "One of Culinary Crafts's favorite things we've seen is when an event uses a fun or creative backdrop to set off a space at an event location.  Whether its a pinwheel wall behind the bride and groom during the ceremony, a wall of lights and fabric behind the bridal party table, or even a fabric ribbon garland to amp up the dessert table, each makes a very definite focal point at the event and guests will be drawn to the important areas in the room!  Not to mention, each of these elevate your overall design in infinite ways.  Even better, each of these ideas are simple and could easily be created by you as a DIY!  For example, the fabric ribbon garland is super easy to create.  All you need is varying fabrics in the color and patterns you like, then you cut or tear the fabric (depending on the feel you want) in differing lengths.  As soon as you feel like you have a good amount to create your 'wall', randomly attach the fabric lengths to a string or wire the width of the table you are dressing.  Remember to mix colors, patterns, and lengths to create a evenly weighted look.  Use all of the fabric and add as needed to fill in the spaces.  Remember, you can use more or less fabric, again, it is all about the look you are going for.  Hang the string or wire from the ceiling and voila!  You have a DIY fabric garland wall that takes your table from ordinary to extraordinary!" What a fabulous idea, Holly!  Happy crafting everyone!!! Check out our NEW website at!

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