October 5, 2012

DIY Project: Wine Bottle Glasses! | Favorite Finds Friday


Today, I'd like to share a nifty little DIY project that we at Culinary Crafts recently put into good use at one of our weddings (which was GORGEOUS - by the way) and couldn't resist sharing it with you!  These upcycled wine bottle glasses are really very easy and a BEAUTIFUL addition to any event or party you might be having!  Take a look! All you need to do to make these little beauties is a wine bottle, string, lighter fluid, a lighter, and some sand paper.  Firstly, dip your string in the lighter fluid then tie it around the wine bottle.  Make sure the string is fairly straight so your glass has a nice edge.  Next, use the lighter to light the string on fire.  Let it burn for a couple seconds and then blow it out.  Remove the string and tape the line where the string burned lightly until the top of the wine bottle separates from the bottle.  Then take the sand paper and sand down the cut top of the glass to eliminate sharp or dangerous edges.  That's it!  You now have a wonderful, upcycled glass that is pretty and made of reclaimed materials!  Pretty awesome, if you ask me!  Happy weekend everyone! Check out our website at! Photos by Keith Westerberg

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