February 23, 2011

Emerging Trend: Mocktails


Photo credit: Kristen Luce for The New York Times

I was sent an article from the New York Times the other day and it was all about Mocktails!  Now, you know that we here in Utah have always had our fair share of fun making signature Mocktails for many of our events and parties, but apparently we are setting a nationwide trend.  (Yay Utah!  I knew we had the trendsetting chops in us!)  The new take on it, however, is more about pairing the drinks with food than how fabulous and fun they are.  As you know, there are many wine pairings for menus all over the world that not only are delicious, but bring your meal to an entirely new level in terms of flavor profiles and all that, but why should those who chose to abstain miss out?  Now, restaurateurs are coming up with some truly splendid Mocktails that pair perfectly with any meal as well!  Some of these offerings include a Yuzu and Rose spritz, a Kumquat Fennel Smash, and a Pineapple Julep.  Here's a recipe for another favorite I've found, The Apricot Gingerini:

I hope this inspires you to make some mocktails of your own, for any occasion or meal!

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