November 4, 2011

Favorite Find Friday: Flower Alternatives from Inspired by This


Today, I'd like to share a fantastic post I found on Inspired by This about flower alternatives!  I love, love, love all of the creative and inventive ways people are coming up with instead of flowers - and while I LOVE flowers, don't get me wrong - these are just a little bit different approach that can add a handmade and crafty feel to your event!  Take a look!

"I think everyone knows that I am in love flowers. It’s no secret.  They make everything better and happier! The only problem with flowers is they only last a few days, a week at max. Today I’d love to share some of my favorite flower alternatives that may not have the touch or aroma of a real flower, but are still beautiful! Whether they are made of paper, plastic, ribbon or fabric the best thing about flower alternatives is they last for forever!  You can enjoy your bouquet and boutonnieres as wedding mementos for years to come!

Photo by Ashley Rose

Photo by Ben Blood

Photo by For You Love Me

Photo by Simply Bloom

Photo by Goodnickels Photography

Photo by Hugh Forte

Photo by Hugh Forte

Found on LionsgateDesigns Etsy Shop

Photo by Mark Brooke

Photo by Dana Grant

Photo by Simply Bloom

Photo by Daniel Lanton, Sculpted Blooms by Momental Designs"

I hope you enjoy this beautiful post as much as I do!  Thank you so much to Inspired by This for posting this originally, it is AWESOME!  Happy weekend readers!

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