October 4, 2010

Feature: An Eclectic Wedding


After the strange half life of the blog last week, I am glad to return with a truly unique and one of a kind wedding!  Yay!  This event, which took place at The Museum of Natural History (awesome, I know!), is all about personalization, do it yourself projects, and really making the day the true essence of a couple.  Not only did they use the venue's ambiance to add to the theme of their event, but they filled their day with fun, fresh, and homemade details.  Now, let's get to the pictures!

The hand illustrated save the date really set the tone for this wedding.  Handmade and unique!

How great is this dinosaur?  I love that the couple dressed it in a festive garland for their big day!

The old school photo booth is a great way to give your guests a memorable keepsake as well as a fun way to let loose!

The couple hand made all the garland you see throughout this wedding.  How cool!  And I think this event illustrates that it can be quite beneficial to think outside of the box for your own wedding!  An event venue that isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind for a wedding celebration doesn't mean it can't be!  Look everywhere for inspiration and your wedding will be totally unique, totally eventful, and totally you!

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Photo credit: Morgan Trinker of Morgan Trinker Photography

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