September 20, 2010

Featuring: WedSmith!


Another Monday and another week of fabulous blog posts planned ahead!  Today, I'd like to feature WedSmith!  What is that, you may ask?  WedSmith is Utah's premier conference for wedding professionals and I am pleased to announce that Rachel and Mary will be attending this year. And, hopefully will bring back a plethora of ideas and new inspiration!  I am also pleased to give a shout out to some of WedSmith's talented sponsors like Alta Moda Bridal, Riehl Events, and Utah Bride and Groom!  (Not to mention Hilary Anderson and Justin Goodson of Alta Moda Bridal are the people who came up with this great resource!)    I know the typical bride isn't going to have much of a reason to attend the conference, but I'd invite you all to peruse their sponsors and also take notice of the professionals involved with this astoundingly awesome conference.  These are some of the professionals who are dedicated to cultivating new ideas, becoming more involved and cutting edge in the Utah market, and constantly looking for new avenues of inspiration.  So if you are selecting the people you want helping you with your grand event, doesn't that sound like someone you'd want to talk to? :)  Check them out!

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