May 23, 2009

Fillmore Wedding


I have recently changed positions at Culinary Crafts and am working more in our offices on the operation and planning side of catering.  It is great and I love it, however there is still something about being at the event and seeing it all come together.  So I am glad that I am still able to be on site at our events on the weekend.  It is very fulfilling to have a pleased client at the end of the event and to know that we have delivered excellent food and flawless service.   This was the case for me and my crew this last weekend.  I had the opportunity to manage and serve at the Fillmore wedding.  It was absolutely stunning.  The event was at the Salt Lake Hardware Building downtown.  If you have been to this venue you know how great it can be.  The colors were peach, pewter gray, and white.  We uplit the center wall with peach lighting.  We had our action stations on one side and a receiving line and seating on the other end.  The florals were amazing, the candy station was gorgeous, the food was gourmet and the service was professional.   I could go on for pages about this event.  But in short, it was a pleasure to work for such a gracious client at a brilliant event and it reminded me just why I love this industry so much.  Pictures to follow shortly.  Enjoy!

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