February 21, 2013

Finca Restaurant Review | Food Theory Thursday


Recently, our Mary Crafts-Homer tried out a new restaurant from the culinary powerhouse that's behind Pago called Finca.  We love Pago's farm to table initiative, commitment to green living and reclaimed furnishings, not to mention the creative and innovative food offerings they are always coming up with!  Lucky for us, the people of Pago have opened another divine place with the same principles!   Finca is sure to become a foodie haven and culinary hot spot and we simply LOVE it!  We enjoy all of the small plates and tapas for sure.  Plus, Mary has started eating a modified vegan diet and was super stoked to see that there were so many options for her and her dining companion!  The attention to taste and detail is truly welcome to any one searching for a mouthwatering meal.  From the Ensalada de Remolacha (a beet salad with pickled strawberries, house ricotta, and greens), to the Gambas tapas (rock shrimp with garlic oil, lemon, and chile), to the Cordero de Asador (grilled local lamb belly with cider braised apples and squash puree) I think I would end up ordering the entire menu and rolling out of there in a heavenly food coma.  SO YUMMY! As if that weren't enough to peak your interest, I have also heard about their attention to high end mixology and spirits, which sounds like a welcome addition to Salt Lake City - not to mention Finca was awarded Best Mixologist and Best Wine List by Salt Lake Magazine recently, so you know they got something great going.  The are really trying to bring their cocktail servings up a notch and have a truly innovative cocktail menu - not to mention they make their own tonics in house, can carbonate any cocktail per request, and have more infusions than you can shake a stick at!  Another great thing about Finca (and Pago) is that they both employ a cruvinet wine system that basically keeps the wine in a controlled environment that maintains the freshness of the bottle as well as if it were just opened!  This allows both Pago and Finca to be able to serve a greater selection of wines by the glass, which is great for anyone interested in pairing lots of wines with different dishes - or for a connoisseur who wants a great glass of wine every time!  So, if you are looking for something new and innovative, or would just like to treat yourself to a fine night out, DEFINITELY check out Finca!  Happy eating everyone! Check out more Park City, Utah County, and Salt Lake City catering at! Logo, restaurant interior, and Farm to Table Logo from  Tostada image from Best of Salt Lake Restaurants and Hamburger image from Future RD Eats

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