September 29, 2011

Food Theory Thursday: High West Distillery


Today on Food Theory Thursday, I'd like to feature a local restaurant/distillery in Park City, Utah!  One of our favorite local vendors is High West Distillery and we LOVE to showcase their whiskeys and vodkas at our events!  Our out of town guests (and even in town guests, come to think of it) rave about our signature cocktails every single time we incorporate one of their fabulous spirits.  But, High West Distillery not only makes the most high quality and highest caliber whiskeys and vodkas, but they have insanely delicious food at their restaurant to boot!  One of the reasons I like them (besides that they are local and such a fabulous vendor partner) is that they work with local farms for some of their highly crafted dishes - just like Culinary Crafts!  They definitely have comfort foods for those who want the familiar like the Still House Mac N' Cheese, High West Burger, and the Utah Ballard Farms Pulled Pork.  But for those looking for something a little different, there's the House Charcuterie, Black Coffee & Bourbon Glazed Cod, or the Idaho Elk & Chantrelle Mushrooms.  Yum!  They even have a whiskey pairing menu, so you can try a little bit of everything - with the whiskeys to match.  They also have a stellar menu of carefully crafted cocktails, of which I've selected a couple to share with you!  Check it out!

All of those sound truly delicious!  Thank you High West for sharing these recipes (and there's a bunch more on their website) and taking such care in both your food and drink creations!

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All of the recipes and images used are from High West Distillery's website

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