July 16, 2014

Food Truck Love!


We here at Culinary Crafts have watched the rise of the food truck from the gems of delicious taco trucks in downtown SLC to the all out gourmet battle for foodie followers that you see today! From sweet to savory and classic to fusion cusine, there is a little bit of everything out there nowadays, and it's not just in downtown SLC anymore either!  These food truck titans hail from Davis County and all the way to Utah County, and everywhere in between, and they travel far and wide, changing their locale from day to day.  How great is that?  Check out some of our favorites! FoodTrucks Row 1: Bento Truck (Japanese), Cupbop (Korean BBQ), and Fiore Pizza (Italian); Row 2: Art City Donuts (Dessert), Better Burger Truck (American); Row 3: Waffle Love (Breakfast/Dessert), Chow Truck (Asian Fusion); and Row 4: HeidiCakes (Dessert), Surefire Pizza (Italian), Off The Grid (American Fusion) This selection of food trucks is merely the tip of the iceberg too!  There are so many more favorites and new ones popping up all the time!  Keep your eye out for food truck rallies in your area so you can try a bunch of these fine purveyors in one go, or if you are in Salt Lake, Food Truck Thursday is held at the Gallivan Plaza weekly.  And, just to peak your interest, don't be surprised if you see Culinary Crafts making their way onto the Food Truck playing field in the future as well!!!  Happy eating, everyone! Check out more Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County catering at!

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