Hannah Durham

Private Residence

This was my fourth wedding for the Durhams and 6th wedding for the grandchildren of John and Karen Huntsman. I love this family and Hannah was an absolute delight to work with. As the wedding planner, I planned the flow of the evening; designed the layout, decor, and floral; arranged for the rentals and cake; and generally made sure the all the details of the evening celebration were perfect. As guests waited in line to greet the bride and groom, we offered Madsen’s favorite popcorn and gummies along with Hannah’s fruits and vegetables. Check out the cute way we decided to display them! The back garden was a flurry of activity with lots of food stations and beverage areas to accommodate the 800 guests with ease. My favorite station was one I designed specifically for Hannah. She told me her favorite food was plain buttered noodles and I wasn’t quite sure how to make that into a station her sophisticated guests would enjoy, so we made a Buttered Noodle Bar offering all sorts of gourmet and comfort food toppings to please every guest. The tennis court lounge was a hot spot for dancing and the s’more station. All her guests know there is always a fun take-away favor and Hannah had her idea all ready for execution . . . homemade pretzel bites with a choice of sea salt and cinnamon sugar in custom bags I designed. The Durham weddings are the coveted invitation of the year and a thrill for me to create! Love, Mary

27x winner Utah’s Best of State

24x Best of State Caterer

3x Best of the Best / Hospitality

1x Entrepreneur of the Year