October 1, 2015

Geek Chic Wedding on OffBeat Bride!


REPOST from OffBeat Bride (Photos by Logan Walker Photography): Science geeks get married Kate is a physics engineer at Caltech. Alex is a software engineer at NASA. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to appreciate why these two designed their wedding around all things science! (Yes, that was a terrible joke.) Kate and Alex said their vows at the Salt Lake Library and then got their geek on at one of the most scienced-out receptions I've ever seen. We've got sci-fi (hello, awesome cake toppers bought specifically because Kate wanted her own Star Trek action figure), we've got space, we've got physics, we've got computer science. We've got references to some of the biggest names in scientific discovery. Check it out — Kate and Alex assigned each table a specific science theme. The Tesla table, for example, included plasma globes (i.e., Tesla balls) and hand boilers (to demonstrate energy transfer, of course). Einstein's table had a kinetic perpetual motion toy. The Lovelace table had an abacus and cubes made from floppy disks. Then there was a Galileo table, a Curie table (included a dosimeter, a device that measures the radiation a person has been exposed to — Kate had a couple that were actually used during the Manhattan Project!), a Maxwell table, a Hawking table, a Newton table (with submerged apples in vases instead of flowers), and a Sagan table. WHEW. See what you can find in the photos! They're like a super sophisticated seek-and-find game. Puzzle time Winter bridal look Windy Utah wedding Twinkle twinkle science wedding Utah City Library reception Bride and groom arrive at science wedding reception Science themed tables Science wedding in Utah Chem tubes for vases Chem beakers for vases Einstein table Curie table Tesla table II Tesla table Tesla balls Star Trek action figures Cocoa powder and marshmallows in chem tubes Star Trek cake toppers with cookies Blast off photo prop A pirate and medusa for a wedding photo booth Gigantic inflatable LOVE ball Bride and groom with giant inflatable LOVE ball Bride and groom and stars


Band: Metro Music Club • Caterer: Culinary Crafts • Dress Designer: Casablanca Bridal • Photographer: Logan Walker Photography • Venue: Salt Lake City Public Library

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