March 12, 2012

Good Idea: Spa Party | Monday Musings


Let's face it.  Planning a wedding can be stressful - and not only for the bride and groom - but for the bridesmaids and family who are helping out (or just managing to calm you down before you have a meltdown.)  We at Culinary Crafts love to see a bride (and her gals) who have taken the time to get some much needed relaxation, so when we get to the big day, they can really focus on what's important - GETTING MARRIED!  Yay!  It goes by so fast that its really important to not stress out about, say, the guest book table being over here (not over there!) or that your flowers are a shade deeper pink than that blush color you envisioned or any number of things that will go wrong - and something will, so it's better to prepare to let it go when it does.  :)  No one will notice the glitch and so, instead, focus on having a fantastic wedding day with your honey and closest family and friends!  Seriously.  I know it sounds like crazy talk right now while your in the midst of picking the absolute perfect shoes or favors or invitations, but it'll make your day so much more memorable (for the right reasons), I promise. To help you with this serious need for relaxation, what could be better than having a spa day with you, your bridesmaids, and family to calm down, get pampered, and start your wedding week out right?  Well, not much I can tell you!  One of the best spas in Utah, hands down, is The Kura Door.  They have so many FABULOUS treatments, manicures & pedicures (don't do these too far in advance if you are wanting it to last for your wedding day), and a gorgeous setting - perfect for a girl's retreat.  Plan a spa day the weekend before your wedding and you are sure to start out that hectic week relaxed and ready to go!  You, and your girls, will be so glad you did!  Happy relaxing! Check out our NEW website at!

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