March 14, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner | Wednesday Wisdom


Hi everyone!  Today I have am thrilled to announce that we have a guest post from Kristin Spear who the owner and all around awesome wedding planner for Soiree Productions - and, might I add, even more thrilled that she selected so many GORGEOUS images to send us from Culinary Crafts's FAVORITE photographer, Pepper Nix! Anyhow, back to the subject!  Ever wondered if you need to hire a wedding planner?  Well, besides simply planning the wedding, Kristin is here to tell you the many ways a wedding planner will make your wedding day the stuff of dreams!  Take it away, Kristin! Having a professional wedding planner can help in so many ways. Most importantly, it allows the bride  to truly enjoy the most important day of her life.  In the past, having a planner was only for the privileged, and it was viewed as a luxury. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Brides in 2012 are lucky to have many choices for professional wedding planning services. Here are our top 5 ways a wedding planner can help you and your wedding:
  • Budgeting
       An experienced wedding planner knows how to work with your budget in the right perspectives. She can see the big picture, and focus on prioritizing the details.  She will make sure all of your vendors and selections are in line within your dreams and your means. Be honest about your budget and your priorities- with your planner-and yourself. It will help in every way.
  • Vendor Referrals and Contract Negotiation
       A great wedding planner is extremely skilled at personality matching and will assist in proper vendor selection for you and your expectations. You can really see your wedding planner’s experience by their vendor relationships. This helps save everyone time, and creates a dream team for your perfect day.        Because of your planner’s great working relationships, she will be the best resource to negotiate contracts with vendors, suppliers, and very importantly-your venue. Work with your planner in contract negotiations. This will benefit you and your wedding day more than you may ever know.        Every day, your wedding planner works with contracts. She will be very familiar with contracts, and will be able to spot red flags immediately. Your planner is going to be your greatest ally in ensuring that contracts work to make your day the best it can be.
  • Organization & scheduling
       Your planner’s main responsibility is to keep things simple, organized and on track for you. They will help to schedule tastings, design mock-ups, and site tours all around your personal schedule. She will pay close attention to your vendor’s payment schedule and deposit requirements. She can handle all of your final payments and gratuities the day of the wedding so you and your family can simply celebrate. In so many ways, a planner removes the stress and helps to make the process fun!
  • Stress & Crisis Management
       There are simply so many factors in planning your wedding; it naturally can be overwhelmingly stressful. Your planner will know the answers, and it will seem almost effortless for her to handle the many situations that will arise. She will be your go-to person and will have the advice and support that you need throughout the process, and especially on the day of the wedding. She will be your professional problem solver.
  • Set Up and Strike
       As a little girl you imagined your wedding day as a day of beauty, getting ready with your bridesmaids, stepping into your perfect dress, walking down the aisle and seeing your future husband waiting for you... A great wedding planner will help ensure that you not only enjoy your day-but that it all comes together how you imagined. Without you having to worry about the actual set up process and take down process. This means that you get to simply relax, and enjoy your first moments as a Mrs! There are wedding planners for every bride and every budget. The moment you find yourself engaged, you will also find yourself focused on your special day. Hiring a planner will absolutely be the best investment for your day. Allow yourself to enjoy your day and focus on being a bride. Thank you Kristin!  As always, you are fabulous and make such an amazing point for the AWESOMENESS that is a wedding planner!  Brides, definitely think about how a wedding planner can make this process so much easier and so much more fun for you!  Also, if you are a destination bride, a planner can definitely be your ally here while you are out of state.  Happy planning everyone! Check out our NEW website at! Photo credits: All photographs credited as marked, Kristin's headshot by Pepper Nix Photography

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