March 2, 2020

Guest writer Kati Price gives tips on catering for your big day.


With engagement season upon us, we reached out to the best event and wedding planners in Utah to see what tips they had to make the catering at your big day the best it can be! Follow our 9 week series and see what they all had to say!

Kati Price from Events Rising

Excellent at nurturing relationships, Kati has a strong work ethic and respect for others.  As a resident of Park City for more than 20 years, she has been designing and executing corporate and social events locally, nationally and internationally with her positive attitude and unquestioned work ethic.

Budget for the most important things first.

As you start your planning, sit down with your fiancé and possibly your family to decide what is the most important element to you about your special day. I find guests really only remember the food and the entertainment, however, you will want to remember it all so don’t skimp on your photographer.

Manage your expectations.

Allow your caterers and planners to work to create your expectations and not force them to work within yours. While Pinterest and the internet can be a great place to start with the creative and to cultivate a look, ask for advice on how to best spend your budget and create something unique to you that will give you the best use of budget, space, and hospitality.

Understand the differences in service style.

Before you settle on the style of service you want for your wedding, ask your caterers what styles of service they offer and what are the differences between all of them. Understand how cost, service, staff, space, flow, and timeline all factor into your day and venue before you make a final decision on service style.

Select a caterer that is prepared.

When you walk into your wedding, you want it to look as transcendent as you have imagined. A big part of that is being prepared. Make sure you pick a caterer who is prepared and great at managing your timeline. 

Seek advice on the flow of your event.

The flow of your event is often the largest miscommunication between planners, brides, and the caterers. So when you discuss your timeline with your caterer, also discuss the flow and how you see your guests move from space to space. There will be many hands onsite on your big day share the vision on how you want to flow and create the best plan for all parties.  Don't forget to check in next week to see more tips!

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